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Smoking newports/cigs after blazing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dadshigh420, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. mmmmmm it's the best:]

  2. I would have to agree. Nothing beats a good menthol cigarette after toking up!...unless it's sex...or food...which of course would also be promptly followed by a cigarette.

  3. Dam right, I go 100's though. Last longer.
  4. Dude newports are the best:smoking:And yes I know thats a joint but im already blazed so I feel like a cigarette:)
  5. Newports are good every once in awhile, I can't stand smoking them more than once a day though.
  6. when i use to smoke ciggs i loved newports.. they always kinda fucked me up a little
  7. I mostly do too when my friends do. But when im REALLY blazed sometimes I cant even finish one. It seems like they burn forever and makes me feel like shit.
  8. Marlboro's > Any kind of Cig
  9. to cig smokers out there. does anyone ever get major chest/lung pains the day after. i always do. thats amain reason why i really dont want to smoke cigs anymore
  10. I love Newports... the best damn menthol. But if I'm not smoking a menthol I have to get either Parliament Lights or Basic Full Flavor.
  11. I love Marlboro red 100's. I like Camel Turkish Blend as well though, almost more.

    Marlboro red 100's = Camel Turkish Gold
  12. if you like menthols then go for camel menthols... so smooth, best menthol out there IMO
  13. Camel Reds are the best. They are 4.60 (but 29.50 a carton!) a pack but are worth every penny. They are the old school 1913 blend of the original camels. They are strong but taste SO good.


    Other than those, it would be:
    Marlboro Red
    Camel Wides
    Camel Signature - Infused
    Black N Milds - Wood Tips
    Camel Unfiltered

    I love strong cigs man. For me, forget anything thats not full flavor.

  14. my niggga!
    hahah nothing beats a marb red after a fat blunt to the head
  15. i smoke i cig once in a while...newports are good...marbs are good...but when i smoke cigs i feel like shit afterward and lightheaded cause i dont smoke all the time...

  16. this:hello:
  17. sorry for the noob question but is it true that smoking a cig after weed makes you higher? SOmetimes I'll smoke part of a black and mild or a camel after i smoke weed and it increases my heart rate. But I dont smoke cigarettes. just the occasionally black and mild when im feeling retarded lol
  18. Camel Wides or Marlboro Virginia Blend are my favourite:cool: Definitely love the wides though:D

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