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smoking n apartments

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by genieadventures, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. hey just wondering if anyone else out there tokes in their apartment? I have been lately and so far, none of the neighbours have complained. anybody ever have a bad experience toking in their apartment?
  2. Why would people complain? The smell isn't THAT noticeable, just dont toke in the hall and blow the smoke through the cracks in othe people's doors.
  3. i know several people who live in apartments who burn every day... they're not in jail yet so obviously it's not that big a deal.
  4. i use to smoke in my apartment all the time, until i moved to a house. i use to get a little paranoid so i use to burn incense and lay a towel under my door. i'm not sure it really helped but it made me feel better, and i guess when your blazed, that's the main thing.
  5. when I lived in carlisle we smoked everyday in a tiny studio apartment. we were kinda freaked out the one day when we were smoking a jay and we heard a knock on the door. I looked out the peephole, it was our neighbor! She smelled it and we were freaking out so bad until she said, so are you gonna share with me? she was one of our best friends after that.
  6. damn hemp that sounds cool. i smoke in front of my door at night after my mom goes to bed and before conan comes on. i always trip out on the crazy stuff he does. one time i was smoking a joint and a neighbor drove up in his car. i know he noticed what i was doing cuz hes kinnda young. OMG just a few nights ago my uncle drove up right in front of my door but i was taking the ash off so he didnt notice. almost got BURNED :)
  7. well i grow and smoke in my appt....i take it an appartment is what we call a tennement...approx 6-12 houses, in a high rise style, varying from 1 to 2 bedrooms??....hey hempress you stayed in Carlisle?...that's approx 100 miles from me....if you stayed in be a twin town.....Peace out...Sid
  8. I live in an apartment and I smoke in here all the time. At first we were a bit worried about the neighbors-we have some Mormons that live below us. But they are nice and I guess since they are really religious and have been that way all their life maybe they wouldn't know if they smelled weed that that was what it was. Because before I ever smoked it I never new or regognized the smell. Anyway I'm not worried about it. It smells oh so good!

  9. LOL, I meant Carlisle, PA...the US likes to steal European town names...I live in Lancaster now (another one!)
  10. I live in a small apartment building with only 3 other tenits and all of them toke its kinda nice we allways have the hallways reeking of herbs we also thro lots of massive parties
  11. lol, well i live in Pittsburgh (somewere in PA that didn't steal a UK name :p) and all anyone does here is smoke pot... so its sorta the norm. And.. J-Sin, is that sposed to be, Jason.. cuz thats my name :p
  12. You can also get a fresh air machine. It will work on all the air and not just the smoke.
  13. I'm in a pretty liberal area of a pretty liberal town so I don't worry about smoking in my apartment. If you are worried though, something I've used before (at my parents) is similar to that Mute-It thing, but costs much less than $25 bucks plus shipping. Just take a plastic bottle (like the ones bottled water comes in) and stuff it with plenty (15+) of dryer sheets. Then, punch, cut, or melt small holes in the bottom of the bottle. When you take a hit, exhale into the bottle (through the mouth) and smoke will come out smelling like fresh laundry. In a pinch, you can use an empty toilet paper roll instead of a bottle. Also, you could put perfume or cologne on some TP and use that, but nothing beats dryer sheets.
  14. i have a friend who lives in a block o flats and he is a jamacian and smoke's constantly, and so does all the other tenants, as the lift and lobby and all the hallways smell of weed, AND I LOVE IT.
  15. there's nothing that says 'Welcome Home' like the smell of fresh smoked grass. sometimes you gotta stop and smell the buds *grin*
  16. i smoke in my apt all the time and never had a problem.But on the other hand all my neighboors know i smoke weed and cigs but i never had the cops called or anything but something might happen. Cause there is this one lady who see me everyday when im suppose to be in school and i smoke in the halls stairs and elevator.

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