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smoking my best friend up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by giantsfan3550, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. me and my 2 best friends smoke together all the time and. usally just all pitch but lately it's been dry so who ever has a bag usally just smokes the others up but last night was horrible my friend kept bitchen because he had to smoke us up remembering that what goes around comes around
    it's not a big deal just pissed me off that a
    friend could be grimmy
  2. yah thats pretty gay when i first started smoking about 4 years ago i would be like that expecting people with bud to smoke me out, because i didnt know any better. but as i got more seasoned i realized that this person was spending their money on bud in which i never had money so now i have money and bud..

    it does get annoying as shit though when their is one kid who NEVER has bud and he will call you saying lets smoke lets smoke fuck those people
  3. yeah i know exactly how you feel man.. but honestly you have to see it from both ways. if your not getting a lot of money coming in it gets annoying always smoking people down. now idk if he is financially stable, but if he isnt i can understand his point completely. but you also make a good point.

    i used to have a really good friend who would always get smoked out by us, and it got so annoying we just stopped hangin out with him. now he has a job, and would gladly smoke me out anytime really. minus the fact that we never really hangout ever. but if we were to, he would smoke me out.

    but again, dont be pissed at your friend for smoking you out, his own bud, that he paid for, some people are just more fortunate than others. and can smoke people out more often
  4. I have a friend who we have all agreed to not smoke out anymore, he is a super leech on everything, he literally asked me and my buddies for hits and such at our usual hangout (my place) and then when he gets a sack he goes and rolls a couple blunts and smokes them with people who don't even smoke him out. its just irritating to smoke someone out 10-15 times in a month and then have them go get a sack and not even call you or wait to smoke you out. Prick.
  5. I agree. If you smoke your friend out a lot then he should make an effort to hook you up, even if it's just to go get you when someone else is passing joints around. (total mooch move).
  6. Hahaha, it's so funny how so many groups of friends have the 1 good friend who leeches.

    I smoke way more than most of my friends, and introduced many of them to weed so as you can imagine I smoked them out for quite a bit. Gradually they started to pick up more and match bowls and whatnot, but one of my friends just doesn't quite understand how generous I am with him. I would say he smokes almost every day, and spends like $20-$40 a month on herb, what a lucky bastard. And since he didn't smoke until he started smoking with me, he smokes nothing but bomb weed and never had to deal with shitty sacks, shitty herb, shitty pricing, etc. He's really genuine though, and anytime he can afford more buds, or has his own already he smokes me out without question.

    Unfortunately smoking with some of my friends is like smoking with experienced noobs. They aren't complete noobs, but don't quite understand the "etiquette" of blazing if I dare use that term....
  7. I smoke who ever up, I dont care who it is as long as its not like 5+ people..
  8. #8 Nag Hamadi, Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2008
    I used to have a friend that I'd almost always have to smoke up when I went to his house. Every once in a while he had a very small amount but nothing compared to how much I've smoked with him. I mostly blame the fact that he's lazy and irresponsible, and the longest he's had a job was 3 days at a mexican fast food restaurant so he always relies on his mom to give him money. I think his mom has quit paying for every damn thing, though.

    And as a side note, the second to last time I hung out with him I went and bought a half ounce, came back and smoked up everyone there that smokes (about 5 people not including myself). Then I paid for a 30-pack, being one of the 2 or 3 people that pitched in for alcohol even though I'm not really a drinker. I had 3 beers and a couple others had one or two. I asked him to save it there for Thursday when I'd be coming back. Surprise surprise, I get there and walk into his room on Thursday and there's the fucking empty 30-pack. I didn't even hear a thank you for all the free beer. That's the last time I've hung out with him, and I don't have any desire to ever again. Fuck ungrateful "friends".
  9. the other day me and my friend split an Oz because his rents were outta town and we were gonna wreck it, well i got the straight deal for 320$ which is really good out here in florida. Well we get back and split it up just in case and he calls a few of his buds over, i leave my sack on the counter (too big for pocket) and guess what i catch this kid reaching into my bag to pull a gb. I stop him and tell him never to touch anyones weed without asking. Him and all his friends say hey i just want to get high and i'm like hey you all have more money than me (rich parents) and they start complaining and saying i have so much and i tell them they can A- Throw me some money or
    B- Go get their own buds because that half o needed to last 2 weeks. I hate these damn kids.

  10. Fuck that, I would've been out the door with sack in hand the minute I saw that sticky fingers motherfucker reaching in my baggie.
  11. this is how i roll:

    Would this person smoke me out if the roles were reversed?

    if yes, smoke him out......if not, then i dont feel like a prick
  12. exactly.
  13. Hey man people can be selfish, my buddies always expect me to smoke em cause I work a lot make a shit load of cash and got good weed. They keep saying shit like when I have weed I let you smoke, but really I've only smoked off someone else like twice, I always pitch and now if I say no or if I ask for some cash cause I can't keep smoking like 7-8 grams every night, it's dryin me up, they all act like jackasses. Cocky too think it's their right to roll when it's my weed and they just a bit better than me. What pisses me off the most is that when I do let em roll they roll huge ass cones that waste my weed. Anyway the moral is, everyone has friends that are gonna be jerks when it comes to this stuff man.
  14. sounds like your "friends" are taking advantage of you and the "shit load of cash and good weed" that occupy yourself with

    i suggest laying down the law for your friends just to let em know where they stand in all this and that it isnt your job to keep them high. Pitch in or quit bitching
  15. That sounds like a good idea, might just do it tonight. That or break someones nose.
  16. I fucking hate it when people see that you have more than them, so they expect you to contribute more than they do.
    I know this one dickhead who pretended to be my friend to get more, and would BITCH and CRY like a big spoiled bitch if he didn't get the FULL shit. Seriously I dont fucking have to do anything I dont goddamn want to, you should be fucking glad I'm generous with you. I don't get people sometimes.

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