Smoking more weed: Lasts longer? Going outside

Discussion in 'General' started by ori.wolcon, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. I'm baked as fuck righ now and yeah
    Um so if I smoke more weed will my high last longer?
    And it seems if I go outside and ride bike or take a walk I lose my high, anyone else have this?

    Sorry if any rules are broken I'm fucking stoned
    that's quite a common misconception, and a great question.
    once you're 'baked' or 'stoned' you're not going to get higher at all or longer for that matter. so smoking more is essentially a waste.
    activity does speed up your bodily functions, ergo the cannabis high drifts quicker.

  3. Smoking more will make it last longer.... the buzz will be about the same, maybe a little more. That's how it is with me anyways. Just hot box ur room and sit in there you'll stay buzzed longer lol

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  4. thanks, have a stoner excuse for stoner friends going out somewhere thst I don't
    If I vape half a bowl and get stoned..wait 20 minutes and do it again, I will be stoned for a longer period of time than if I only vaped that first time.
    Also..if I vape one bowl I will be comfortably baked, but if I vape 2 bowls I will be completely out of my mind baked. The kind of baked where you just stare at the computer screen for 20 minutes without moving.
  6. okay that's vaping... you're obviously going to get higher no matter what vaping
  7. once your brain fills the cannbinoid receptors you are not going to get much higher if at all.  However, because of the half life of  the drug, there are always cannibinoids releasing from the receptors, which after a couple of hours results in no high.  If you keep smoking you will just sustain that peak.  
    So you won't get higher but it will make your high last longer
    Sources? I'm no expert on brain receptors, but I have smoked different quantities and I can pretty much guarantee that the more I smoke, the higher I get.
    I don't think there's any science to back that up..I mean sure they each have different highs but to say someone is obviously going to get higher no matter what when vaping versus not getting higher when smoking?
    That doesn't even sound like it could be true lol
  10. You make a habit of smoking more now and you'll be burning an 1/8th a day in the next 5 years, its green not white

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