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smoking mid gives me a headache

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by caliplayer, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. SO I just got a sack of mids from this dude who grows. He hooked up me with a big sack for a good price, so I decided to get a good size bag. Ive been smoking this shit for like a week now, and it mostly makes me paranoid, gives me a headache, and leaves me feeling really weird the next day. Its a shitty feeling, so I figure that this because it is just average, mid weed. Its definitely not schwagg, but it is kinda seedy and shakey. Anyways, im gonna go on a tolerance break for a week and then get some club bud from a friend, and hopefully I will start enjoying my highs again. Whats your guys take on the matter?
  2. maybe if you didn't get all seeds and stems out that could give you a headache

    i don't know about the paranoid and feeling weird the next day though
  3. Mids tear me up in a blunt or a bong!
  4. mids give me headaches tooo
  5. i only smoke dank cuz midz now give me a headachetoo
    try to get hooked up with dank
  6. I get headaches from mids too
  7. I also get headaches from shwag and middies too.

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