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Smoking marijuana with fever?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by cenuke, Nov 3, 2009.

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    I caught a bad flu like 1-2 weeks ago and i still have congestion but fever is gone. anyways, the first day i noticed i started feeling shitty i just smoked a few bowls but a few mins later I felt the fever kicking in and it felt like the worst fever ive ever had. you know that feeling you feel hot and cold at the same time all shaking and shit i couldnt even sleep. did the weed make my fever feel multiplied or is there no correlation between the two .? i felt some relief a couple hours later but my temp was still the same

    btw for the past couple weeks the smoke from my bong it feels like i can barely handle it anymore i cough way more are my lungs fucked due to flu?? now im making myself paranoid
  2. I found it made it worse. except it really really felt good if I took a hot bath after I smoked a bowl.
    Try that, it helps. Well not a hot bath but a lukewarm to keep your temp a little low.
  3. Do your self a favor and dont smoke while your sick.. Make some cannabutter and you will get a much more medicinal body effect that lasts. Also your lungs and throat will thank you and you'll get well quicker.. Canna butter is also good for your facial skin. You can melt a tablespoon or so in a warm cup of tea with some lemon zest, it's good when you're sick. Or you could make any number of warm things with the cannabutter that are nice and soothing while sick, or anytime really..
  4. Smoke up in a steamy room.
    Plug your sink, bath and shower, turn on the hot taps and hot box it with a joint and the steam.
    You shouldn't be smokin the J yourself, but you will get high and the steam will loosen any congestion in your chest.

  5. Dude, I caught a really bad flu last week, like the day after i picked up, and i thought it would make me feel better and i feel exactly like your describing. I felt so shitty. I couldnt even take a lukewarm bath beccause it made me too hot and uncomfortable.

    So im just layin' off of it for a bit and so far if feeling a bit better (Fever wise).
  6. I got the same thing...and so naturally i smoked some weed to feel better but when i came down i felt even more sick also i have found that you get well quicker if you don't smoke at all plus your tolerance goes down...weed screws around with your immune system...

    but yeah you don't even have to make cannabutter...just brew some weed tea you can steep it by itself or put your favorite tea with the bud(if you try it use a little more than half the amount you'd usually smoke) and a nice hot bath will take away that hot & cold feeling.

    stay healthy the flu this year is bad...we've probably got the h1n1 flu
  7. i had h1n1 for a few days and I just smoked last night and i definitely over did it, i felt awful for a little while, but now i feel better, i'm not gonna smoke until wednesday night, and that should give me enough relief.
  8. I enjoy smoking when im sick, because i can pass out even if im uncomfortable, but likewise its really hard to inhale anything when you have a fever/flu. I suggest eating, or hitting a vape.
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    Thats, just bad information.. THC is NOT soluble in water.. You cant simply make some weed tea by steeping it.. Fail! Look it up! Just because you saw those old ladies do it on grandmas boy doesn't mean it will actually work.. It's stupid and a total waste of bud.. You will need something like cannabutter, thc is soluble in animal fat or alcohol.. Trust me, I've been doing this for 13 years. If you want to make a drink, make some Bhang.. Google it, it's delicious and very potent.

  10. I don't see a single place in his post where he even began to speak about the solubility of THC in water... So calm down already.. :p

    On topic..

    When I'm sick, I just keep smoking and smoking until I feel better, never had your problem though. :(

  11. ahahah it was the day after i picked up too, it sucks once you notice you feel like shit your like "aw fuck tomorrows gonna be even shittier". yeah laying off i guess is the best idea, i couldnt even take a lukewarm bath either it was like 86-90 degs in LA at the time, and i felt hot and then cold back and forth man i was messed up.

    its just weird that smoking helps when i have headaches, or hangovers but apparently not fevers sucks :(

  12. You must be the chief retard in retard land- 'steep tea' would commonly refer to 'put weed in hot water and wait' so theres your reference to THC being soluble in water...
    To make badass tea you replace water with milk and a shitload of honey. THC binds to both of those...
  13. You need more cowbell
  14. uhh how bout you just get better...then smoke.

    im sry i just find no pleasure in smoking when sick

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