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Smoking Marijuana to help Sleep

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Zeppelyn, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. I often have trouble getting to sleep, and since weed can make me drowsy I figured I'd try smoking a tiny bit before bed. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience on this? Something odd happened to me last night..

    Anyway, I smoked a little and layed down. I definately felt tired, but it strangely seemed to make it worse. At first I kept drifting into a strange state.. like sudden dreams that only lasted a few seconds. At one point it completely felt like I was outside and there was a coyote charging at me, and I heard a growling/barking coyote noise that sounded completely real. I jerked awake with my heart pounding..with the noise and image very fresh in my head. This happened a few times, not just with a coyote but with other wild animals and a person shouting (This was probably because I was walking outside all day and saw a billion coyote tracks, though I wasn't scared or anything at the time). Keep in mind I was just a little buzzed, not anywhere high enough for me to feel that normally, but I guess it was enhancing dreams?
    After the weed wore off, it stopped happening, but I just could not get to sleep. I layed in bed for hours with no sleep, tossing and turning. This has happened before with no weed, but it's very rare for me. I suppose I slept eventually, off and on.

    Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to share haha. Has anyone used weed to try and sleep, and has it helped?
  2. wierd ass story dude ahah, but yh, i smoke a little bowl before bed and within like 20mins im out like a light :D i think it could depend on what type of weed you have, if im being honest, i have know idea what im really saying lol im blazed but maybe, some weed makes you sleepy and some weed makes you like hallucinate?
  3. Hmmm... sounds strange. Maybe it was just lucid dreaming? I won't say you were tripping cuz I have a strong belief that weed does not make you truly trip so idk. I smoke at least 3 bowls every night and one right before I go to sleep and it always puts me right out.
  4. Thats crazy man lol. Weed helps me sleep for sure, but I try not to sleep til about an hour or so after my last hit. I don't know why, I just prefer to go to sleep when I'm just "kinda high" and not baked
  5. Weed will help a ton, I have terrible insomnia and I smoke a bowl and fall asleep within an hour but I could right then I just don't want to waste the high. Also the coyote hallucinations were probably caused by the bud and sleep deprivation combination. The same thing has happened to me before except with dogs barking and it sounded like someone was throwing rocks at my window. Just keep smoking and it'll help a lot.
  6. agreed i like to enjoy the weed first then go to sleep sorta high, @op indica strains should help you sleep better sativas will just make your mind race off making it hard to sleep
  7. Sometimes I mess up my sleep pattern, so I wake up at like 5PM. What I do is start baking early (It's sort of fatiguing to be high for long periods of time) so I smoke a little when I wake and gradually increase the amount through the day. 1 hour before bedtime I load a fat bowl and incinerate it, always gets me tired. Requires a decent amount of weed though.

    Oh and like the fellow above me said: go for deep indicas, real couchlockers.
  8. Yeah might have been the type of weed I had, but I'm not exactly an expert. I have 2 different kinds right now, maybe I'll try smoking the other one instead.
  9. Indica's definitly help me sleep. I smoke about an hr or so before I want to hit the hay. If I smoke and go to bed I'll wanna enjoy the high and listen to my ipod. So by the time I'm done being high I get reallyyyy drowsy and just crash. I wake up the next morning refreshed as fuck. I hate smoking sativa's before bed. It just makes me want to get up and do shit and I feel like it's a waste.

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