smoking male sacks?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tadtanator, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. i was just told if you end up with a male smoking his pollen sacks will get you stoned has anyone ever tried this? i feel like this wouldnt work but i have never tried it so i am asking if anyone has any info on it?

    Also whats a good use for a small male plant about a foot tall?
  2. This is a FAQ at most cannabis sites. If it's a potent male(keep in mind I haven't done this for nearly 2 decades) the best time to cut it for smoking is before the pollen sacks open. Trim the minute leaves and dry them to smoke. Throw the pollen sacks away. With a 1 foot tall plant I doubt it would be worth it. Just my 2.
  3. alright sounds good i just though smoking pollen sacks to get really stoned sounded like a BS story
  4. You are more likely to become light-headed from oxygen deprivation from huffing the males than to actually get stoned off those males. Some males do have THC, but the bud isn't good for smoking. And it might give you a splitting headache as well...
  5. For the most part it is, and like Toasty said, you'll most likely get a headache. A looooong time ago as a kid, when I was totally out of smoke, I was able to keep topping a really large, potent male for a number of weeks that at least gave a decent buzz. Males like that one are rare. Don't get me wrong though, I had to roll finger sized joints to get a buzz, and when it wore off you were certain to have a headache.
  6. Been know to cause sterility in the State of California
  7. I wouldnt ..not ciz itll make you sick but itll lrobably be a waste of time..although making tincture might work . Not sure but it makes up the leaf and leave it in a jar of alcohol in a warm place for like two weeks..the alcohol removes all the thc and its in the liquid..i read a few drops can blast you to the moon...might be worth looking into..i know im making some with bud this time around..

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