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Smoking makes you not have dreams?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dickjones1, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. ok, so i thought it was just me but my friend also confirmed the same, so i'm just gonna throw it out there. I used to have dreams when i slept, a lot. i slowly stopped throughout high school. I didn't take much notice, i just simply thought it was just me changing and growing up. (i also smoked on a daily basis for all of high school.) The other day for some reason i did not have my nightly good night bowl. Then next morning something fantastic happened. I had a dream! i remembered it clearly like i used. So for all you season tokers out there agree or disagree, does going to sleep high make you "forget" your dreams? cuz for me when i go to bed high its almost like a close my eyes, open them and its morning kinda deal. :p
  2. I have dreams when I smoke!
  3. I noticed this too. When I drink though I have very vivid dreams, almost lucid. You would think it would be the other way around. Maybe because dreaming is the flipside of being awake, hence the opposites.
  4. weed definitly fucks with your dreams. it shorterns your rem 4 sleep stage i believe? its the deepest level that your in the longest, im baked not too sure though :smoke:
  5. I call bullshit on this.

    I've been smoking regularly for years now
    and I'm still dreaming up all sorts of shit.
    Almost nightly...

    Eh, but for some, it might be true. At least
    it's not meeeeeeeeeee.

  6. shortens rem stage (dream state)
    lengthens non-rem stage (deep sleep)
  7. I think of our brain as a machine, And the energy that normally goes into dreaming is used in the cannabis intoxication. This might be the reason why you don't seem to remember dreams/have them. The cannabis intoxication is already a dreamy-like state anyways..
  8. It can take your dreams away... If you let it. :smoke:
  9. Marijuana makes you not remember your dreams. When I used to be into lucid dreaming I had to chose between the two, I chose weed. However, when ever I take a t-break I am lucid dreaming all night :D
  10. I never dream unless I don't smoke. But I smoke everyday. Missing a few days every few months at the most but I get quite intense dreams during that period. Yeah I heard it shortens REM also and when you stop your REM goes into overdrive producing those intense dreams.
  11. I have 2 cats and love to play with them when Im high :) after Im done blazing Ill open my door and let them in to chill. I feel like theres connection forsure... Ive seen how they react to other people and then they're all lovey dovey to me which shows alot.

    The one thing that trips me right out sometimes is how animals make eye contact with you... cats especially since they stare. I'll look up and the cats just gazing into the depths of my eyes... crazy.

    cat pixsz! the two chillest cats you will ever meet.

  12. Yea man I agree. I took a month t break 2 years ago and I remember it was the first time I had crazy, lucid dreams since I was a kid.
    I also agree with the guy who said if your drunk you remember your dreams. I was really twisted Saturday night and I had the weirdest dream haha. I ate spicy food before going to sleep though, so that could have done it.
    It shortens the rem stage, which is your dream state and it extends the non-rem stage, which is the deep sleep state.
  13. I don't have/remember dreams when I smoke (daily), however when I have taken breaks in past (UA for a job), I would have wild vivid dreams for like 2 weeks...

  14. normally I dislike cats...but they seem like stoner cats:eek:
  15. Try researching a little instead of ending the pursuit of knowledge with "My friend confirmed it". Dreaming has to do with R.E.M sleep and the happy juices your brain makes.
  16. When I smoke daily, I do not dream. When I t-break, I dream every night...
  17. You're dreaming, you just can't remember it.

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