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Smoking makes me feel like I'm going to die

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ClaireElizabeth, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. I've been smoking off an on for a couple years now, only every couple weeks but it's always been a fun time. That's until a couple weeks ago when I smoked with my friends and I found myself gasping for air and hacking and coughing. It felt like I was being strangled and I really freaked my friends out. After that it kinda dulled down and I could have a good time if I tried not to think about it. Yesterday I tried smoking again and it was a lot worse, I was actually worried that I might die and at one point I checked my pulse on my phone and it was over 200. Am I allergic to it now or something or is it all in my head? I definitely am never gonna smoke the same weed that I did for those 2 times again but am I ever gonna be able to smoke and feel normal again? That makes me sad, does anyone else have a similar experience?
  2. did the smoke taste anything different? maybe it was just really strong weed, when I take huge dabs I get sweats and my heart races too, lung expansion by alot of THC may cause exactly what you're describing: "gasping for air and hacking and coughing"
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  3. try vamping/edibles
  4. Time to quit smoking
  5. I agree. Nothing a good vamping won't fix.
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  6. every time you encounter the marijuanas and puff while also inhaling the puff, you are at a 95% increased risk for chance of possibly thinking that you might theoretically get close to the state of being dead.
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  7. Bruh dabs make me sweat like crazy too. I gotta step outta car for some fresh air type shit..

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