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Smoking Magazines

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nor*cal toker, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if there was an age requirement to purchase a magazine such as high times? Anyone know?

    Thanks in advance
  2. I think it's 18.

  3. Thats correct. 18.
  4. i doubt anywhere enforces the 18 thing anymore...i mean when i was six years old i would buy cartons of cigarettes to sell to my locked up boys...

    just go in cool and collected man, i hate buying high times...i mean i enjoy reading it, but i get looks when i buy it...and i dont want to suscribe to it...
  5. I would love to subscribe to Cannabis Culture. Does anyone know if it's discreet, or will the mail man be like, aw dude I gotta smoke with this guy! :eek:
  6. It's discreet.
  7. just don't smoke the magazine
  8. Meh I don't really like those mags anymore. They're all ads. Theres maybe 7-10 good pages with articles to read, but it's just frustrating when you shell out that much cash to read advertisments.
  9. Skunk Magazine
  10. I like CC and HEADS for weed mags nowadays.
  11. Haha, back when these magazines used to be good, I would salivate at the thought of smoking the herb in the pics.

    Almost made me want to smoke the magazine =P
  12. dude i have been buying them since i was 16. just go to borders or barnes and noble some big book store and grab like 3 ... they ussually have high times (the normal monthly eddition) and then a special growers from high times (every season like fall-summer one per) and sometimes a CC or a Skunk. there all pretty good and ussually under 4 bucks...
  13. besides the fact that this thread screams underage, u shouldnt have any problems at a book store buying this.
  14. ive been bying them since i was 14 never had a problem its not like its porn or anything

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