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Smoking literally all day?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by bdk2jw, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. Ok so I am pretty much able to sum up that smoking a bowl or 2 every frequently is a shitty ass experience. The only high worth it is the first of the day, and MAYBE the 2nd if you don't overdo it. That being said, is it wise to smoke for the first of the day and just never stop? Like bowl after bowl after bowl for like 5 hours. I want to stay high all day long without feeling incredibly burnt out. Also when I smoke, come down, then smoke again, it starts giving me a headache after a few hours. So is this a good idea, or would it generally have the same effect?

  2. If I got some fire bud i can take 1 huge bong rip and be pretty high for a hour or 2. Then just repeat as needed but first smoke of the day you always get the most ripped
  3. Try it out and get back to us! What's the worst that could happen?
  4. I guess passing out or having a shitty comedown. 
  5. one of my favorite things in life is sitting alone and smoking literally nonstop from like 3am-6am while the world sleeps and i sit there like a crackhead getting baked quietly pondering life.
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  6. same here bro, same here
  7. If im not working im smoking often
  8. This works for me, but I hate smoking consistently over, say, a twelve hour span. Waste of weed. I just wait till evening to get baked. Usually.
  9. Yeah at some point diminishing returns always get you
  10. For me it's not so much about how much weed I consume per day staying high, rather than how effectively I use my time once I begin the day's journey. And I like to smoke weed 24/7, so every day has the potential to be a great experience.

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  11. Wait about 4 hours between smoking. Otherwise you will continue to feel the way you describe.
  12. This I can vape a G and be high almost all day if I come down before I smoke again. And if you feel burnt out just take a nap doesn't even have to be long 45 mins will get you a full cycle of sleep 
  13. It helps to have a variety of strains to choose from so you can pick the ones best suited for your day and activity.
  14. yeah I've noticed this too. I currently only have some street "lemon kush". It smells like lemon but you never know. Anyways I really don't enjoy the high very much, and my dealer only has this I think he said. I don't know. Once I kill this quarter I'll def be getting a different strain though
  15. If you want to stay baked all day then edibles are the way to go. A brownie at breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with just smoking a bowl every few hours should get you pretty fucked up and keep you there without loading near as many bowls.
  16. Ive done it a few times, but I have no interest in it becoming a frequent thing. 
  17. i used to smoke all day everyday when i didn't have shit to do. took naps and shit ate big laughed at shit. an enjoyable experience for me at least.
  18. This is how I smoke haha. I take a nice milky bong rip and I am good for a while. It saves weed and keeps you high! The bigger the hit the better. If I play my cards right I can go through an entire day only taking 3-5 rips (depends on the bud). Which comes out to the equivalent of around one bowl's worth of weed; which for one day is not bad at all. Back before I had a bong I would usually pack 2-3 bowls a day, and now I am saving weed but getting just as high  :bongin: 
  19. I smoke 20+ bowls a day... this thread is a joke.... if you supply yourself with Omega 3's, eat right, stay active, then you should not have a problem enjoying herb.
  20. A nap is helpful, but still not long enough. And the problem with napping then smoking again is the "heaviness" that many people feel when waking up from a nap, that will often times transfer to the high. So you end up in the same place.

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