smoking leaves will it get u high?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by WaterBongToker, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. ive heard smoking leaves off the plant will get u high while u are waiting for a yeild. about how much would u have to smoke it it does.
  2. -yes ... its probobly will ... but THC content in leaves is very low ... and they are absolutely distgusting when smoked... normally u make oil out of the leaves...
  3. so how do u make oil from them?
  4. I was growing some White Widow plants. I had 14 of them at about the 3 week mark. I left town, my nutrient and water pump failed and they died, I almost cried. But after I got over it, I took the dead plants, put them in a blender with some alcohol. Took the mush added some more alcohol and heated it and shook it around a bunch. Then I strained the green liquid off the plant material and slowly heated the alcohol off. I have done this much better with older plants and gotten a nice yellow honey, but this time I got black/green sludge. But what the hell, I put it on a piece of aluminum foil heated it until it started smoking a bit, then sucked the smoke with a straw. I felt nothing. After about 20 minutes I went to bed. As soon as I got in bed things started getting crazy. My head started spinning and Frank Sinatra started to sound like he had a broken voice box. I'm sure the normal percentages of THC, CBD, CNB and all those nice psychoactive chemicals weren't in the normal ranges of an adult flowering plant. But it was pretty crazy.

  5. Thanks for the tip, never thought of that

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