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Smoking just isn't the same anymore.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iBLeeZy, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking consistently for about 1 year. Probably about 3-4 Times a week, but the past month or so I've been toking daily and the highs just aren't the same anymore. It seems like there's not much thrill in getting high anymore. Anybody else have this ? Or a way to improve highs lol?
    Ps. I've been smoking very dank shit, not mids.
  2. Tbreak.
    Good Luck.

  3. Over time , your highs will mellow out. So take a tbreak for a week to a month.
  4. Yeah man I feel you on that. Take Cod liver oil aand at least a 1 week Tbreak. Other than that, if you smoke every day, just smoke to get nice not totally fucked up
  5. Quit then. Simple as, cya.
  6. My highs are boring too. That's why I'm on a T-Break from now till 4/20.
  7. I'm getting the same way. It's my spring break right now so I'll toke up :smoke: then I think I'll take a bit of a T break.
  8. try a different way of smoking, vape? switch to a pipe and vs versa or consumables.

  9. what does cod liver oil do?
  10. Take a T-Break and include more Omega 3 in your diet
  11. Yeah it got better.
  12. im on my 3rd of my tbreak bro i had the same shit my highs were boring and i had to smoke so much to get high
  13. Completely normal, you're building a tolerance, you're going to have to move up to smoking hash with your bud, or just smoke only hash if you're looking to get destroyed, lol. otherwise I suggest getting more Omega-3's in your diet, and possibly take a T - break.
  14. If you smoke everyday it becomes routine, and not as enjoyable. It's just like anything you start to do daily, it loses it's excitement after a while. Try taking a break or doing something different that you don't normally do high to mix it up.
  15. time for a t-break
  16. Same thing happened to me, take a break or slow your intake to once or twice a week. It made it way more enjoyable for me again.
  17. What does the omega 3 do?
  18. I've T-breaked twice in the 3 years I've smoked for 5 days a piece and only because I was going away to things that I would be too busy to smoke at. That's a perfectly sufficient amount of time to start getting destroyed again! Unfortunately, things will never be the same as when you started smoking =/ Those 1st few times man.... damn. Still have great memories of them
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    Repairs your cannabinoid receptors and is good for your circulatory, immune system, and your brain functions as well. Just buy some flaxseed and start adding a tablespoon to some type of food, or a drink. I usually mix it with almond milk
  20. t-break. Just completely stop smoking for a couple weeks. Starting April 1st, I'm not going to smoke until 4/20. So when I do, I can green the fuck out.

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