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smoking jus a lil too much

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. alright, i've just relized that I've been smoking every minute of everyday for a week now, and that i'm always f'cked up. i havn't slept for 24 hours now, but i havn't been sober since. damn, sucks when the only thing i could look foward to in life is another joint.

  2. if you REALLY wanted to, you could get out of the house and go have fun...

    if you get to the point that the only thing you're looking forward to is that next joint, it's time to reevaluate! i've been there myself, and am trying my best to keep my activity levels HIGH (heehee) so i don't get stuck in "that rut."

    for instance: we're going jetskiing w/ a friend next weekend - for phishhead's first time ever and my 2nd ever!! we're excited, and it's definitely something to look forward to!

    or, get some concert tickets? or, if $ is short, go camping, state parks only charge very minimal fees to allow you to use their camping grounds.

    get out there have fun! enjoy your life, and then come home and smoke your weed. you'll save your money coz you're not smoking 24/7 and you will appreciate your high a little better.


    p.s. didn't mean to sound preachy - so don't take it that way! :) i've been there myself and am just sharing what i found to be a great solution. shit even going to the movies or the local bookstore makes a difference.
  3. I totally agree w/ ganjaphish, the best thing to do is to go out and plan some activities if you feel you're going stir crazy. A lot of the stuff you can do, you can also smoke up during them if you want to. I went tubing once stoned, that had to of been one of the greatest days of my life.
  4. i just went through that, and just happened to be lucky enough for a relatively quick eye opening experience...maybe you should go on hiatus from the herb again man?...think about things...maybe
  5. try to spend a couple of hours a day not stoned.

    i usually wait till 1pm, when my bf comes home on his break. or i make a plan with a friend who doesn't smoke at all. or we plan a trip to town (it's an hour's drive each way, and we spend at least 2hrs in town).

    and i never ever smoke before or during work. makes that after-work 1st toke soooo good! :D
  6. GotTa Love The WeEd!*$^#@ :) :(
  7. see thats the thing, even when I go out, I smoke. anywways, i wrote that when i was sober or somthin or not feelin to well. last night, did some real good chillin wit my friends, barbequeued, watched xXx, on smoked on my friend's roof. I jus' really love life, and have lots of new things to look foward to by moving away from the city. I decided to smoke as much as I can, live life's every moment the best way it'll be for ya, cuz i ain't gonna be young forever.
  8. HAH! I was just gonna say that, xplicit!

    Really no matter what you do, there's always time somewhere for a few puffs (or even a whole joint).

    Busch Gardens in Florida has a wonderfully scenic overhead cable-car ride that takes you across the park. Neat little place to puff one (with enough time too).

    So if your intent is to just get out more, then you can still do that while still being able to smoke. (Of course, common sense is a must)

    If your goal is to not be stoned so much, you'll find that the distraction of going out will help you along.

    Gotta keep that balance!
  9. Oh!

    And xplicit...... you really gotta get all those stems outta your joint! Tastes much better that way.

    Huge motherfucker, too! (Is that a filter?)
  10. hell yeah, smoke till you choke.
  11. nah, thats from one of my friends. i dunno wha the hell he was rollin, and he put that thing (isn't a filter) so that nothin goes through. We jus tore it up and smoked a bowl.
  12. oh yea, forgot to mention that i've been at busch gardens while I was in clearwater, fl visiting family. Its such a great place with lots of scenary, but havn't been there smokin yet.
  13. well cool man glad ya got some perspective. everyone's right, you can go out and smoke too! but make sure that J isn't the only thing you got goin' for you, because there are SO MANY THINGS to experience in life! as long as you're happy though, it's all good :D

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