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Smoking Joint with cotton filter

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Billygo, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Does smoking a joint with a RAW 100% cotton filter, filter the thc? or are they good for the joints? :smoke::smoke::bongin:
  2. Is it like a cigarette filter? If so, ive heard from quite a few people that it does in fact filter out a bit of the good stuff.
  3. i can tell you from first hand experiance that when you use a filter you still get stoned, over here in spain everyone use's cigarettes filters in there joints because smoking hash all the time gets harsh with a roach. but we only do this with hash not green!

    but if your smoking grass why not just use a roach??
  4. Just don't do it bro,that way you ain't got nothing to lose anyways.Cigarette filters do take some stuff away,i've tried it.
  5. Just get a bowl. It's really easy and costs less than buying filters and papers over and over.
  6. I got a nice spoon and a nice bong, I just enjoy joints aswell
  7. If you don't mind barely feeling less high to combat the tar in your lungs it's worth it especially if your more prone to lung issues and smoke joints often
  8. This is from 2012 but I wouldn't recommend using them. Weed smoke is not going to kill you and it would just be weird to use one of those. I just use filters like this if I'm smoking a J.

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