Smoking is turning on me, and affecting my relationship

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  1. Whats up grasscity

    Ive been smoking for a long time, but since last spring i have been smoking every day. i mean just about every single day atleast 2 times a day.

    for a while i was the happiest i have ever been, i was handeling my business and feeling great. i was doing great with my girlfriend and everything was perfect.

    for the past 5 months about, i have been pretty much numb. ive been so high and out of it 24/7 that i do not face my problems, and when i think im dealing with stress by smoking, i am only saving it for another time and building it up.

    me and my girlfriend are in love and things are awesome with us, we plan on living together forever. but for the past couple months i have been blowing her off sometimes and not noticing how i effect her.

    i am trying to take 2 weeks or so off from smoking and also drinking. i am hoping that by doing this i will be able to become clear minded and more thoughtful. its become so bad that when i get compliments on anythign i take them and i dont get a good feeling inside.

    i cant really gain any TRUE happiness unless im high. and smoking isnt enjoyable any more, its just my way to escape.

    any help would be appreciated. do you think itll get better if i cool down for a bit? and in the mean time, what can i do to fulfill the emptiness inside me that is usually replaced with smoking.

    i am not sad and depressed and suicidal at all. i have an awesome life i just need to appreciate it more.

    thanks for reading all this stuff guys its a lot haha

    Any comments welcome!
  2. I hear you man. Sometimes you just need a break.
  3. thanks man
  4. You can achieve happiness if you accept happiness. There are many reasons you should be happy, find them, and then get your stress taken care of.

    Smoking gets your head all cloudy, and probably why you can't face a lot of things. Ever tried vaping?
  5. yeah thanks thats helpful im glad you feel me but that doesnt really tell me how to help myself
  6. dude jus take a break man, and to be honest more tthan 2 weeks, i was at that point in my life also man, i had a BMW and lost it cause i couldnt pay it off, burned bridges with people etc. eventually i got my shit together but its the fast life bro, u jus gotta figure out whats important in ur life and cut out the distractions, prioritize. #1 rule bro
  7. thanks for the reply dog. really helpful to know you been there. yeah but did everythign work out when you went back to smoking? i feel like once i clear my head i can go back to smokin as long as i treat weed the right way.

    thanks for these replies
  8. Yes i do vape a lot but not as often as i smoke (blunts)
  9. life is an act, being high is not, its a damn shame
  10. i would say if u think u cant get happiness without being high then take up a hobby (maybe a sport, go to the movies more or do things with family or friends) and dont be afraid to completely give up smoking for good if ur are happy during ur break.
    remember its just weed.good luck =)
  11. Take a long break.
    There's a habit that you have formed and you should get rid of it. When you finish your break, instead of smoking everyday, try limit it. Allow yourself X amount of bud per week and discipline yourself not to go over it, that'll naturally ration out the pot. A good way of breaking habit is only allowing yourself weed to reward yourself for something you've done that required motivation or energy, or something that you didn't want to do, etc. Not only will this motivate you to get shit done but breaks habit too.
    Make it a point not to smoke to get away from problems. First try and sort it out; even if you just sort it out in your head. I know it's impossible for some problems but when the habit of getting stoned whenever a new problem shows up is in full-swing, one will find their life going downhill in no time.
    At the end of the day, remember that it's just a plant. If it's more of a hindrance than a help to your life, then there's no reason to be smoking pot every day. Bud is meant to enhance life, not deteriorate it.
    Rather use life and loved ones and people to fill that "void." At some point you'll then realize there was no emptiness to begin with - only an illusion. That's how it's meant to be - rely on people, enhance life with bud! Not the other way around.
    Best of luck, mate.
  12. yea i was blessed enuff to get my car back, my relationships etc. but thats after some really hard work man, look im not gonna sugarcoat this or anything but u gotta hustle to get better, despite the factt that weed was everythin to me(and probably u), u jus gotta let go and find things to do to occupy ur time, u gotta stop putting weed above everyone and everything else, u abuse u lose, simple as that homie....

    dude if anything, if u think u cant do it on ur own then get some sord of professional help like a life coach. They helped me alot, its well worth it
  13. thank you so much for these replies guys. it means the world. i will seriously consider all of these things and work on it. i am already feeling better and more whole after 3 days without smoking. i am starting to feel my old self coming back and having motivation for things.

    yeah i do play sports and thats one problem is that i have not had much motivation to do well. i am a very good athlete and many people compiment me but like i said the compliments dont mean as much as they used to, but i can feel myself coming back

    thanks guys! yes when i come back to smoking i am definatly limiting it and treating it as a weekend type thing. or more of a reward after i handle business.

  14. yea man congrats...

    jus remember think positive, prioritize and stay focused

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