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Smoking Is The Only Thing That I Enjoy In Life?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by megusta4217, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. I don't know where to put this post, so I guess I'll just put it up here. I've only been a avid smoker for about 3 months now. I recently within the past month got busted twice. Once was reported "suspicious activity" and the other I got stopped at a checkpoint high as fuck. All together I have 2 possesion of marijuana charges, 2 paraphernalia charges, and a DUI. It's only been 3 days since I've smoked weed, and I feel physically and mentally disoriented. 
    I have seen many physcatrists who have given me a couple different anti depressants that never worked well for me like weed did. I have so much stress in my life at the moment, I can not think of a way other than to smoke marijuana to cure this soberness in my body. I feel like I need it to be happy. The past several days have been hell. I feel unhappy, I keep questioning life, and I feel as if I'm slipping back into my suicidal tendencies that I had several months ago. I crave it, I want it, I need it. But something is stopping me after I got fucked over multiple times by the law. How am I suppose to live if I'm constantly stressed mentally and physically, and am completely unhappy and bored with everything. I don't even feel like I have anything to look forward too. I'm just trying to chill out with the smoking for a little while because of all this trouble I have gotten in. Is it worth it though if I feel like shit constantly? 

  2. Compare yourself before you started smoking and after you started smoking. That will give you an answer.
  3.  That is a good point however, I'd reword it as, "look at the impact smoking marijuana has had on you as a whole, without being bias." Imo. There are many other factors to consider when comparing yourself "before you smoked weed" vs. "after you smoke", even larger if the time span is a couple years+.
    Op, you say you got multiple run-in's with the law, you need to be a more careful person. You also need to be using marijuana as medicine if it in fact helps you, but through a doctor.  It sounds like there may be more to it than just smoking weed. Smoking is an "add-on" to your life, so if you aren't using medically, then there must have been a reason you began? That is what you have to think about, what you are not satisfied with in your life..... but don't put yourself down, ask yourself "How AM I going to OVERCOME this issue". You wanting it, craving it, is more psychological, not physical so it is all in your mind.
  4. honestly with all those charges youre probably gonna be forced to quit soon, might as well get used to it. im half joking lol id enjoy it while i can!
    dealing with legal stuff is stressful as hell, but at least for me the pressure paid off. after 7 months of probation and no weed (had been smoking for about 4 years straight till then) i had learned to accept life without smoking (except lots of cigarettes), and found many new ways to cope with my depression and anxiety besides smoking bud, now that i can combine the two its just amazing!
    its all about finding the light in the dark
    i dunno if this is relevant since youre so new to it but i been through similar stuff and i bet you its the more the situation and rather than the weed messin you up

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