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Smoking is the best part of smoking.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cloud n9ne, May 10, 2010.

  1. So I was smoking in my basement with a couple friends the other day, and we were conversing and shit and one of them asks "what do you think the best part of smoking is? the high, buying the weed, or smoking" and everyone said smoking is the best part.
    I don't quite know why but something about inhaling smoke through a blunt/j/bong/pipe/vape/however the fuck you smoke is just so appealing, and (to me at least) if you're pressured while you're actually in the act of smoking, like you have to make it quick or you're in a 'hot spot' then it makes the high and the whole experience that much worse.
    Just my thoughts, anyone else agree? :smoking:
    or just different thoughts
  2. Rolling first, smoking second. I realized the same thing last week when I picked up some slamming sativa. My friend and I were sharing a blunt and I told him it was weird how we were talking so much because when he got high he usually shuts up. He explained to me that that would happen in ten minutes once we finished the blunt and sure enough he was right. We had great conversation and then the blunt went out and we said maybe five things the rest of the night.
  3. werd, thats mad true... people talk when passing Ls because there is a connection btwn the person that is passing and the person recieving... after the weed is gone, everyone zones out hahaha

    my fav part is smoking... whether its an L, J, bong... its like almost-instant relief
  4. This is one of the problems that I have, I love smoking/rolling but I hate the first second that roach is out. When the roach is out of course I'm blazed as hell but I'm more sad that I have nothing left to smoke or I keep diggin into my stash. I guess my best alternative would just to buy a bunch of mids to just keep draggin on after idk.
  5. Yeah, what else is really great is hookah.
    My brother went to the Middle East last summer (a long story) and he came back with 5 nice ass hookahs. The taste depending on the shisha you get is delicious AND you can do nice ass smoke rings :cool:
  6. Smoking. For sure. But... Who the fuck likes to buy weed?
  7. nah bongs > hookas the coal = carbon monoxide the water doesnt filter shit and the sugary tobacco = cancer

    its just a fad for the vain imo ie. esp. for ppl who dont blaze...unless ur high and drunk lol but i dont drink anymore

    smoking rituals ftw
  8. I think the act of smoking and getting high is the best part. when I first started, buying was fun/exciting. just seeing what my guy would get for me, then examine it at home:)

  9. I didn't mean smoke weed out of the hookah, i meant like smoke out of whatever you want, and then after that you can chill and pass the hookah around
    I like blueberry and double apple. Yum yum! :yummy:
  10. Wow I guess I'm the only one that disagrees with that lol... I actually love the high feeling, but not the smoking method... takes a toll on ur lungs in the long run... Edibles ftw:hello:

    But I'd say the best part of course is the THC orgasm... (the rollar coaster feeling/sensation) [seasonder's will know what i mean]
  11. hehe as long as cannabus is imbibed ...hate the idea of only smoking hooka tobacco
  12. I don't know man-My favorite part is getting some shit I've never had. I don't care if it's named or unnamed. Suddenly, it's like a different drug-Being high isn't just being high. I think strains make a difference, a big one, and I love trying each one out.
  13. I would have to agree that smoking is the best part. If i smoke a vape im not as satisfied as i would be if i smoked a bowl or a bong.
  14. I still have yet to smoke a vape so i have no idea what the high/smoking process is like.
    Heard nothing but good stuff bout em though, so i'll give em a try eventually :smoke:
  15. Smoking blunts is the best, skillets a close second.

    Skillet hits are ridiculous.
  16. The first time I hit a vape I got so high I couldn't tell the difference. Literally like I couldn't think or talk at all, it was great.
  17. It's worth a shot, I love mine. Def. a different high, but my favorite part is def. getting high or more the high feeling.
  18. Im sorry everybody but I would have to disagree with all of you.

    The high is the best part. Definately. What would be so great about smoking weed, and it not getting you high at all? Might as well be smoking your money in that case lol.

    I dont know about you guys but I smoke to get high. And I am too high to even finish this without sounding like a dumbass.

    lol you guys have nooo idea :]

  19. I have to agree with the poster above me.
    Smoking is absolutely amazing, and I was going to say that first, but she is right.
    The "high" unlocks everything amazing about weed. Why would we smoke without the high?
  20. I'll bet the people who said they enjoy smoking more also smoke cigs more on average.

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