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Smoking is supposed to be...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GanjaSmoker, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I hate when people say stuff like "Smoking is supposed to enhance your life, not be it". Smoking isn't supposed to be anything. If smoking all day every day is what makes you happiest in life, then you should do that. And if you're not ok with sitting around smoking all day then don't do it, and don't tell other people how they are supposed to live their lives
  2. yeah I heard this wish I didnt but I did
  3. again with the smoking seeds shit. do you really believe this or are you just a terrible troll?

  4. do you even have to ask?

    I agree with the op. This summer I had no responsibility. Couldn't find a job, and I have school starting right now. The only thing that I did was watch weeds and smoke a bunch of weed. On season 4 i think, gonna light up and watch it.

    I mean shit, even before I smoked I like to be alone and do whatever the fuck I want, now that I do smoke, it makes that even better. Its 11pm at night and I live in a new city knowing not one person yet, you best believe that I am gonna be smoking all day n nite. :smoke:
  5. And I agree with you. :D

    and OP

    To be honest I dont like smoking alot, nor could I afford it. Im on like a 3 month T break, and I didnt even do it on purpose. I just havent smoked since I got in some trouble (not weed related). Im in school with no job at the moment... and once I do get a job im saving for a motorcycle...

    I dont really like to smoke with people. I used to only smoke with a few of my closest friends, im sort of antisocial, and weed kind of enhances THAT... So thats why I drink if i wanna be social. lol. smoke when im alone so I can just enjoy being by myself and my high.

    Hell, I'll drink alone too. I enjoy beer.
  6. Totally dude, let smoking be an experience between you and MaryJane herself, no one else. MJ is supposed to enhance life, but people have different lives and MJ fits into everyone's life differently.
  7. it is funny how people still have to be reminded that people live their own lives
  8. huh i too am a bit antisocial i like smoking weed by myself (dont get me wrong i love having sesions w friends i always meet new ppl or laugh for days) but i enjoy being that lonely stoner helps me be at peace w myself
  9. Prior to this summer I only smoked a couple times per year. However, when I returned home from university, I discovered that most of my friends smoked every day. So I spent the summer working aboard a lobster fishing boat with friends and then hanging out in our off time.

    My life has changed quite a bit, but smoking didn't change my life, I changed my life and decided to include smoking, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

  10. hahahahaha mother fuckin red
  11. what the fuck is that from... I know it but i cant remember.

    pineapple express?
  12. nothings better than smoking with your closest friends...except when you have a whole sack, a 6er, and your thoughts to yourself. Ive made some major life decisions toking alone.

    as to the weed enhancing life/being a part of your life: Well, we all smoke weed for 1 basic reason to escape. whether its pain, stress or boredom.

    to those that judge those that are high all the time:

    ask the people you judge if theyre happy. in conclusion, i have 3 words

    pursuit of happiness
  13. i feel you man, your words are very well put together :smoke:

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