Smoking is Boring. Help? (long)

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  1. I've only smoked a few times, probably 4 or 5, and every time it has been well... boring. The first time was with my buddy, and I got 5-6 big rips in, and held it for 20 secs or so. At that point, I was afraid that I might be allergic to it because my throat felt swollen.. Don't laugh, my dad is seriously allergic to weed and he gets an anaphlectic (sp?) reaction and his throat swells up. At one point he had to go to the hospital for it. So, I was afraid the same might happen to me. The first 2 tokes I took it easy and waited, and nothing happened so I took the other 3. I noticed change in my voice pitch, and my eyes got SUUUPER red, but other than that it wasn't much different. I was a bit drunk if that changes anything.

    The time after that, I smoked with my gf and we only packed one bowl and shared it. The only noticeable change was that my voice pitch was different and that sex was really good lmao. (She gets hella horny when high ;) )

    The time after that I got high in my car with her before the supercross, and well... I had low blood sugar or something because I hadn't eaten and blacked out. Nasty sweats and head rushing and seeing black.. After one hit WTF? It was a big one but still. My gf thought I was gonna die and panicked LMAO. I was really high the rest of the night and walking was terribly difficult. Especially stairs... I hated it because I couldn't think straight, and I couldn't even find my damn seats. We were in the 2 hours late and only saw the last 2 races.

    Next time, I smoked with her and a couple friends, and I ate first. There was even hash on top. I took 5-7 hits and was high blah blah. Didn't black out but felt a bit of a rushing sensation like I would but it never came. But... It was still boring. I didn't get munchies to speak of either, and food wasn't better it was just.. worse even. It was like eating sponges or cottonballs. Ice cream was grand as usual, but chips (my favorite food) were kinda lame. Cookies were pathetic. I smoked some later that day too.

    And the most recent time sucked too... My gf and I shared a joint, and I got super high again and nearly blacked out. Had to lay on the bed with my legs elevated and I had to eat and drink water and concentrate super hard to prevent going under. At one point my gf was like, "How are you 1-10? 1 is passing out." I said "Uhh... 2." She flipped at that point and got me food lmao.

    Anyways... I know that I need to eat first. But what do I do to keep it from being boring? I just feel normal except that everything other than sex, especially remembering things, is excruciatingly difficult! I want to have fun, but I'm just not! Got any suggestions? Is it just not for me?
  2. um get good weed and stop being a fag?
  3. ^ i suggest you do get better weed. But youre clearly not a fag cause you have a girlfriend. Girl=female.
    Male+female= straight
    But yeah dud my friend blacked out once from not eating and now he eats everytime before we blaze. Some people just werent meant for weed. If you dont enjoy the feeling in youre head then i guess you dont enjoy being "high"
    Or you can do the more obvious choice, get high then fuck the whole time till youre sober. Youre dick might get sore but itll be worth it haha
  4. Don't hold your hits in for 20 seconds
  5. Weed's not for everyone my friend. If you don't enjoy it, you don't have to :)
    Bikeriding is a pretty swell alternative, or fingerpainting. Pick your poision
  6. Different strokes for different folks.


    You could just keep smoking and see if it's 'less intense.' It does get better, look at this whole community that tokes :smoke:

    Long live, our girl, Mary Jane.
  7. Way to be welcoming to the city man. Seriously. It's his first post and you answer by calling him a fag? Grow up.

    To OP: Weed isn't for everyone. Maybe try some better weed or different smoking devices, but no promises. If you don't enjoy it, then don't do it. Also, try smoking more.
  8. Try higher quality marijuana, if
    Smoking doesn't do it for you, then try edibles, hash, vaporizing etc. Or maybe marijuana just isn't for you.
  9. Edibles are good. Btw as someone above mentioned, welcome to grass city :D :smoke:
  10. sorry for being rude man that was wrong of me. welcome to the city. i regret what i said to you and would like to apologize and let you know that we are a community of laid back chill people. peace
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    You my friend are good person. Half the actual douches on this site wouldnt apologize. Congrats fellow stoner.
  12. Welcome to the city, yea I think someone already said it, but we have assholes on this site, but most of us are pretty laid back :smoking:
  13. Sorry for the double post, but to answer your question, keep smoking and see if it gets better as your tolarence builds.
  14. The more you smoke, the more you get used to the idea of being high. However, the plant affects everyone differently. I know alot of people who do alot of different things while they're high. For Example; this one kid I know ALWAYS asks hypothetical questions, that's how he entertains himself.

    The eating before smoking is spot on, surprising to see a stoner with that amount of knowledge with as little experience as you do.

    But like someone already said, don't hold your hits for 20 sec, 90% of THC is absorbed almost instantly, you're suffocating yourself.

    As for the throat thing, Cannabis is a "tracheal dilator" meaning it expands the airways to the lungs, however, if you feel unsafe smoking it, don't do it.

    and as for keeping yourself entertained while high, I find the 5 best things to do while high are:

    1. Video Games w/ Friends
    2. Eating out for dinner
    3. Ultimate Frisbee
    4. Really any sport, just keep water on hand. It's easier to breathe high, so it's easier to run more.
    5. Appreciating the beauty in life; go to a park or play w/ Pets if you have any, Nature is FASCINATING high.
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    Haha, ok I won't hold it in that long anymore. A buddy of mine was CONVINCED that it works better that way, and he's smoked way more than I have so I just followed what he said.

    Perhaps I wasn't high enough? Lol. It was pretty good quality stuff AFAIK, my gf gets it from a grower. After 5-6 hits I just don't feel like smoking anymore. It seems too difficult and my head is too light lol. A couple times I gagged and thought I would barf. When I was smoking with her friends we were actually in the woods. The place didn't really seem to get anymore special than it was when I got there. I've always liked nature though, so maybe that is why. My gf was FUCKED UP though haha. She started dancing and singing and wanted to go touch trees. Wish that happened to me lol. I'm generally a very grounded person. Is this why?

    What I find interesting is that I love getting plastered, but so far this isn't doing it for me. Some of the most fun I ever had was being drunk. Then again, I also have to work at it to keep drinking. At one point I don't feel like swallowing anymore, like it is too much effort. Perhaps this is the same phenomenon. Who knows... Maybe I just get paranoid that I'll black out again. When my extremeties start tingling I go "Ohh shit... " and feel like I need to stop.
  16. Wait until you get super high and all your attention ends up on your heart beat, and you sit there staring away just feeling your heart beat and you're convinced you're going to have a heart attack.


    Freaked me the fuck out the first time.
  17. hahaha that heartbeat shit is terrifying. One time I legitimately thought that I was going to be the first person to ever OD on weed. That actually lead me to taking my longest T-break ever. absolutely terrifying. And I still refuse to smoke out of gravity bongs haha.

    But back on point, like most have said, maybe weed just isn't for you man. I've smoked with a few people that just plain and simple don't like the high. If you're still new to it, I'd say give it a few more tries. It's always strange and a little scary/confusing to feel the sensations of a high when your body and mind aren't used to what's happening. It's only natural for your brain to try and fight the high, when you're not sure if what's happening should actually be happening to you. Go somewhere very calm where you can chill out, let go of yourself, and just let the high work its magic. Gaze at some stars outside, or sit in a field and just take in nature. Being outside always helps put my mind at ease.
  18. Haha thats what happened the first time I smoked, it was pretty awesome

  19. That happens to EVERYONE I love it! hahahahha
  20. I aint sure what I feel like or am supposed to feel like when high anymore, i just know it feels better than not being high :)

    Although when I first smoked weed I thought, yum! and here I am 20 years later still thinking... yum!... there were other people around at the time that thought... yuk! and they still think... yuk!... well I guess they do... I fucked them off years ago.... boring assholes :)

    I think you dont try to like stuff, you either do or you don't.....

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