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Smoking inside

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chakada, May 15, 2011.

  1. I know there are lots of threads on this but i need to make absolutely sure no smell gets out you see i live with my family and i have a vent in the floor of my room to think about what do you guys think theres no cover on it so can jam stuff in it so i wanted to know what you guys think :D
  2. Put some dryer sheets into the vent also use a sploof

    Sploof: paper towel roll or toilet paper rolls stufffed w/ dryer sheets. Blow through this device while smoking to prevent the smell of bud. Also cap the bowl so no smoke escapes and open a window, turn on a fan, and you my friend should be safely high in no time!
  3. SPLOOF. What an awesome creation.
  4. like ^ said, use a sploof and breath into your vent and you should be fine. I smoke in my room every night :)
  5. or blow the smoke into a bag and let it sit for a lil that should work if you keep it sealed
  6. Yeah, make a sploof use google. Open all of your windows, put a towel under your door to seal it, put a blanket over the vent and seal it, and turn a fan on high facing the window. Sit right by your window (literally have your mouth almost out of the window when you're exhaling) and blow every single ounce of smoke OUT of the window, the fan will definitely help. Smoke your bowl quick (take a 10 second break between hits), hide your shit and spray febreeze/axe or whatever spray you have and that should cover it up. Light a few matches after you've done all of that, it will cover up the weed smell and if anything just make your room smell like a match and spray, not weed. Keep your windows open, remove the blanket and the towel after and you should be good.
  7. ^^ if they ask about the match... have a candle in your room that is lit or at least was lit at some point and time
  8. Ghost hits -> blow out window.
  9. damn this makes me miss being a teenager so much. I was always allowed to smoke, but remember doing this at friends house. We INVENTED the sploof tube =P (not really)

    I had one friend in particular, pretty smart guy, who had the best technique... He would open the window enough to fit a pillow horizontally in it. and there would be a little space left on one side of the pillow where he put a little 7-9 inch fan. we'd hit the bowl while keeping it close to the fan, and also blow the smoke into the fan slowly... so it all goes out the window. he stuffed things at the crack of his door, and sprayed some stuff after smoking. This worked better than the sploof. because with the sploof, you still got smoke coming off the bowl/pipe, and it doesn't even mask the smoke you blow out 100%

    Those were the days. Seemed to make smoking exciting or somethin heheh. Although whenever I'd get caught at a friends it was even more funny. My parents would act pissed off in front of theirs, then we'd be smokin a J on the ride home.

    Edit: don't listen to me.... I don't recommend smoking in a house that the owners don't allow it. It's pretty disrespectful.
  10. Maybe i should have specified the vent is really a makeshift hole in my floor my dad put in to make warm air float up into my room and it leads directly into my living room lol ijust need a way to cover it
  11. i smoke in my bedroom and all i do is take a towel roll it up and put it at the bottom of my door and then put a fan in my window and put a towel around the fan so no air can come back in. i sit in front of the window and blow the smoke directly into the fan. i also light an incense and let it fully burn and i have a vent in my room that leads right to the living room i dont worry about it because my window is on the opposite side of the room and i blow the smoke out the window anyways if you really want to cover it just put a pillow or heavy blanket on top of it with a couple books on top.

    Thats all i do and when i walk out of my bedroom right after i smoke i cant smell a thing and i havent had any complaints yet!

    hope this helps.

  12. I haven't read all the replies so some of these suggestions may have been said (i know sploof has.)

    Anyway, what i'd suggest is, take one hitters (bowls you can FOR SURE take in one hit) don't want any excess getting you busted, also use a sploof for the exhale, and if you have a window that you can lean out of that is key also. With the you leaning out of the window, chances are the wind will take that smoke and smell right away from your window and since your only taking one hitters and using a sploof, all the smoke should be filtered incase you do get some blow-back.

    Hope this helps, let us know if you succeed! :hello:

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