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Have You Ever Smoked Inside?

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  1. The first and only time I've ever smoked inside someone's house happened when I was in grade 11. Me and 3 other guys met up with 2 guys at Pizza pizza and started texting our contacts but everyone was dry. My friend eventually finds this one guy who had some but he didn't have a car so we had to get all the way acros the city to pickup 8g from the guy who nobody knows.

    Me and 3 guys take a 20 minute taxi ride to a sports complex near his house and wait for 10 minutes in the snow and it was about -15 degrees Celsius and all we had on were light sweaters. We pickup 8g and take a taxi ride home with weed in our pockets (the whole cab danked).

    We walk to our friends house and we had 3 bongs between the six of us. I lost count of how many bowls I hit I kept insisting that I smoked 3 bowls but my friend said I smokes 6 or 7 (we were all stoned idk how much we all smoked). We watch tv and listen for music for a while and then I walk home where I see my cat and think it's the most beautiful creature ever.
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  2. 10/10 Would read again.
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  3. Can you tell us about the second time you smoked indoors please?
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  4. i smoke indoors all day erry day mang
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  5. I binge my buds while I binge my shows. Best feeling In the world knowing nobody can tell you shit in you're own place. A few candles the next day and you're GOLDEN.
  6. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. Stay tuned for more funny smoking stories because whenever I get high funny shit always happens.
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