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smoking inside without window?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlazeLE, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. i have a window AC in my only window in my room but im so tired of going outside to smoke. there isnt really a good spot at my house to smoke outside. the best spot i have is exposed to the road and at night the lighter might as well be a giant fucking spot light. if i smoke inside my room with a towel under the door how long will the smoke/smell linger? one thing ive considered is blowing into the AC unit itself. not sure what that would do though :/ like i figure the window AC takes the warm air out while cooling the air that its sucking in. i dont necessarily want to test this without some proof of concept first. i just want to chill in my room with my bong...

    edit: before the age police show up im 19 just still living at home.
  2. Congrats on 1k posts man

    But if you don't have a window or somewhere for the smoke to go, it will linger for a while. I just tried blowing smoke into an AC unit as you described and it seemed to work pretty well. It still smelled, but not nearly as much as it does normally.

    Do your parents care about you smoking?
  3. We're talking about like 8 hours of lingering.. that smell doesn't go away fast at all..
  4. Damn 1,000 posts in 2 months? Crazy.

    But I would just wait until whatever is hindering you from smoking isn't there anymore den get hi :>
  5. Dont you have a car or some shit?
  6. 1000 posts, in that long.. damn OP, go outside. haha kidding man. I'd say try using a candle and then blow it out, and try to angle it so the smoke coming off the candle goes into the air conditioner. then just try and see how that smoke reacts

  7. thanks, and they dont know... if they knew i wouldn't mind going outside. the whole reason i hate going outside is because of neighbors and the door i use to go outside is pretty loud. plus for some reason my mom uses my bathroom which is right next to the door i use. so if i come in without knowing she's in there at night im screwed.

    i also have a microwave and coffee maker in my room and 2 cans of glade and 1 can of fabreeze. with the AC did the smoke come back in or did it go out?

  8. that genius! i was trying to figure out a way to test how the smoke reacts.

  9. yes but im not smoking in my car. and with these gas prices im certainly not smoking in my car while driving. my car runs on premium and gets 18mpg on a good day -_-
  10. Ohh I see.

    When I blew it into the AC unit I'm pretty sure it didn't come back in. It actually worked a lot better than I thought I would. I exhaled in like the side vents that suck in air, and I had to exhale slow enough so that they could suck in all the smoke. The one I used didn't suck very hard :)laughing:)

  11. i was planning on testing it with my one hitter first.
  12. Use a sploof and then blow it into the ac unit. Spray febreeze after.
  13. Yeah that is a good idea. I used a bowl (spoon pipe) and I just packed enough weed so that I could finish it in 1 hit, so there wasn't any smoke runoff.

    Edit: A sploof is a good idea too. I didn't use one for my test.
  14. from what i have heard those ac units are great for smoking indoors
  15. Use the ac unit and spray a little febreeze through the hole u exhaled into and then a little into the air itself also use a sploof and I GUARANTEE it wont smell
  16. definitely dont blow into the ac, itll just blow smoke back in your face. other than that, sorry but you're pretty much fucked. with no ventilation that smell will stick around for hours and hours and it'll stick to everything in the room eventually too.

    i know what you mean about the lighter being a spotlight though. you could try to cover it with your hand and only keep it light for like less than a second, only what you need. or you could also smoke joints or blunts outside.

    when i smoke inside i use a sploof and spray febreeze as soon as i'm done smoking, but i also open the window and point a fan to blow the air out of my room. and block the door. even with all these things it still smells in there for like an hour or so.
  17. Get a god damn gas mask filter!

    If you exhale through the intake hole, clean, smokeless, odorless air come out. NOBODY will be able to tell.
  18. #18 BlazeLE, Mar 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 12, 2012
    ok i just tested it with my one hitter twice with and without a sploof. no smoke and when blown through the sploof i could only smell the softeners. with that said im still scared about moving onto the bong. might just use my pipe tonight.
  19. what i do is wrap a bounty blower in a couple towels and blow my hits out in my closet, using febreeze inside the closet too my room just smells like a hint of febreeze
  20. so far so good. im about 5 hits in total. just got 2 from my spoon. one thing im notcing is not much smoke is coming out of my sploof to begin with. i have like 9 dryer sheets in there (water bottle sploof).

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