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Smoking indoors without Odor..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Faceman91, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. Any crazy or decent ideas of how to smoke a joint indoors without it smelling loads? Was thinking an airtight box/tent or whatever else with a simple exhaust and carbon filter with small PC fan for intake of air, anyone think this would be an effective way to smoke without any smell getting out?
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    Sounds complicated, do you not have a garden you could put a cooshty seat in n blaze up?
  3. My buddy is telling me something about water washing the smell and taste/flavor away from his. Seems weird as hell and not many people like it.

    Soak Flower..
    Change water..
    Repeat for like a week
    Dry fast use a fan or something to make sure mold doesn't happen

    He said it tastes like newspaper. Crazy things people do to try and hide things from in-laws.

  4. This is a terrible idea. And it's still gonna smell when he smoked it lol.
  5. can you light a fire without creating smoke?

    just go outside
  6. It is called water curing and it's not a terrible idea. The resulting bud is actually a bit more potent by weight because a lot of impurities/tars are removed. It will still smell when burned but it won't smell like what most people think of as cannabis.

    It is also great for making edibles. A lot of edible cannabis goods don't taste all that great. Using water cured bud to make them is a great way to eliminate the 'green' taste.
  7. wait a week and then smoke a bowl if they ask just say you needed a bowl [​IMG]
  8. Using hash oil is another way to get around the taste^ I personally like the taste :p

    Why don't you start vaporizing if smell is a problem? I know you cant vape a joint lol but it is a nice experience. Best way to enjoy the flavor of your flowers IMO

    shit i don't even enjoy combusting anymore :laughing:
  9. I'm thinking about getting a pax vapor do those have a smell?
  10. If you are trying to be sneaky indoors joints are not at all what you're looking for. They fucking reek.

    Smoke bowls.
    If done right you won't need anything and it won't smell.
    You can use a sploof too if you're extra paranoid.
  11. Go into the bathroom

    Turn on the shower so it steams up
    Tuck a towel under the door
    Open the window in the bathroom if you have one and if you're super paranoid
    Blow smoke into sploof
    Take shower so the smell of soap and cleanliness is in the air
  12. This works man, I do it all the time.
  13. Burn incense(what I do) or pick up/make your own filter.
    Filters are very easy to make and do their job well.
    Take a piece of small plastic tubing (I used a aquarium tube.)
    Get some dryer sheets and spray that bitch down with some lysol or something
    And put it in the middle of the tube.
    Exhale into it. This will get rid of most of the smell.
  14. Do you dab? from I understand those are for concentrates only. I mean even if you are dabbing, that doesnt smell up the place at all. And I generally don't advise people buy those pens, glass is best.
  15. take toliet paper roll stick fabric sheets in the end an blow the smoke thru it should do the trick
  16. With a joint, no. There is going to be excess smoke. Do a waterfall bong. I always load a waterfall bong up with ice, pack the bowl, and milk it in my kitchen sink, then clear it and blow the smoke out the garage door. I've even taken waterfall rips in the shower, in my room... since there is so little excess smoke, the scent isn't bad at all. I just blow the smoke through the "dryer sheet method", and spray as well. No real smell.
  17. there was a guy on here who sat inside two Rubbermaid container things stuck together which he was using as a grow box. It looked amazing im seriously considering doing it myself and just sitting inside with a few pillows
  18. The only way to get rid of the smell is a carbon filter.

    Check out 'Smoke buddies'. it's a carbon sneak-a-toke that leaves behind absolutely no smell.

    All those other things only cover up the smell, they don't get rid of it.
  19. Beat me to it ^
  20. Smoke buddies are a gimmick unless they've updated then recently, you need a lot of lung strength to blow through the tight carbon filter, I just picked up an air filter off Craigslist that is suppose to get rid of tobacco smoke and other odors for 75$, aside from that I also bought a can of ozium, which is industrial strength air freshener, for only 6$, which I've been told gets rid of the smell completely after toking

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