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Smoking indoors with no odor

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mark1983, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Has anybody here come up with a good means of filtering all smoke for indoor smoking?  The PT tube plus dryer sheets works ok but does nothing for the smoke coming off of the pipe?  I am thinking something along the lines of a bathroom ceiling exhaust fan maybe with some sort of carbon filter so I can both blow into it and hold the pipe next to it when I am not hitting it?  Exhaust fans are expensive though...has anybody experiemented with this sort of thing?  I currently blow out of my exhaust fan with a pt tube and even hold the pipe up toward the fan so most of the smoke goes out but it still stinks the place up? 

  2. Smoke buddy and light a candle or insense
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  3. Smoke buddy is the best method

    If you use a gravity bong or if you pack snaps, you'll eliminate the issue of having the smoke coming from the pipe

    Happy toking!

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  4. Search button definitely helps as I've given out surefire methods a dozen times.

    Invest in a carbon activated sploof, and pack small bowls so smoke doesn't rise from unfinished bowl. Use NON SCENTED deodorizer, it will absorb any smell rather than overpower the smell of smoke.
  5. Ozium will be your best friend
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  6. Tip: never smoke a joint or blunt indoors and expect there to be little to no odor. i learned this the hard way.
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    Your exhaust fan probably just vents into the space above the ceiling. If you run ducting to the outside you will create a negative pressure area in the (Im guessing) bathroom. That pretty much means that all the air, smoke, and odor is going out the exhaust fan.
    A window exhaust fan works as well. You will want to get a bowl with some sort of cover that will extinguish the smoke/cherry quickly. Most metal bowls have threads for tops, but TBH they dont work very well. This is by far the best that Ive found...
    Good Luck!!
  8. Smoke Buddy is a great product for the exhaled smoke. As for the smoke from the pipe, you could always just use a quarter to cover the bowl right after or just vape if that's an option for you. Maybe get some candles? Good luck.
  9. Turn a fan on and face it out a open window.
    Take your hit
    cover up the bowl with the palm or your hand or something else
    then slowly blow smoke through fan and it will all go outside
    no smell
  10. ^ I'm more inclined to want to do this than blow smoke into a...receptacle of sorts. ^
  11. i been using a tiny ass fan having it circulate air in the room (pushing air towards my window but its not a big fan like a box fan to put it in the window and be effcient yanno) and since my desk is near my window i just blow the smoke out the window. i put a towel by my door to if im smoking a decent amount that day. yes there will be smell but it will be gone couple hours. just get a damn smokebuddy if ur worried
  12. use a door and take your ass outside.
  13. What I have to smoke inside is one of fans that goes on the window that exhausts air outside or can blow air in. Take my bowl, load up whatever you can rip in one hit and blow the smoke out the window with the fan on exhaust and have my face as close as possible. Works pretty well if I leave it on for awhile after and turn the ceiling fan on. And boom, no residual smoke cause you toast it all in one hit

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