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Smoking incense out of a pipe with weed resin?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xEtceteraaa, May 10, 2011.

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  1. Will it show up on a urine drug test if i smoke incense out of a pipe with weed resin in it? If so, how long will it show up? I know were not supposed to talk about anything besides weed on here but ive smoked weed for a really long time and then i started getting drug tested so please have a little sympathy. Thannkss.
  2. Let me assist you...

    Smoking "incense" or synthetic marijuana has lead to many deaths, and hospitalizations. If you would still like to continue smoking fake mary jane, then failing a drug test is the least of your problems.
  3. Yes, "weed resin" is a byproduct of "weed" so it still has some THC left in it.

    Yes. It will show up in your urine test.

  4. Thanks for not answering my question at all. I appreciate it.
  5. Excuse me for trying to educate stupid underage kids such as yourself.

    It doesn't take quantum mechanics to realize if there is weed residue, and it is burning, you are inhaling left-over THC, IE: it will show up on a drug test to an extent.

  6. Yeah, good idea. Call me stupid when you don't know the first thing about me.

    Im not smoking straight resin, im smoking incense out of a pipe that has a small amount of weed resin in it. I want to know if there is a possibility that i am getting the THC from it even though im only lighting the incense.
  7. Keep it all natural, don't smoke incense. Weed is magical thats why they can't make synthetic weed that works the same or put it in pills like Marinol
  8. Yes but the amount of THC you will absorb will be out of your system within a day or two.

    I can tell you are stupid because you continue to smoke something that has been proven to cause serious health problems. But I really don't care, I'm just trying to stop another younging from killing themselves.

    How about being intelligent, abstaining from marijuana use until the test is over, and re-continue? You dont have to put your life in danger to get high.
  9. If he wants to smoke incense then let him.. it doesn't hurt you in any way so I don't see why you care so much. Isn't there a big argument that pot smokers are using.. "Let us put what we want in our bodies." Well it applies here, I think.

    On topic: Yes you will have THC in your system, but it won't stay in your system for as long as normal. Probably a week tops.

  10. You're obviously the unintelligent one because you can't keep yourself out of others' business. I have researched the effects of incense and it is my choice to use it, not yours.
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    Thats why hes calling you stupid, incense isnt going to do anything but bad. The first thing he knows about you is this stupid thread, thats why your stupid. I hope you now fully understand why your stupid. DONT FUCKING SMOKE INCENSE KID.

    Edit- Smoking any form of marijuana or thc will result in it showing up on a drug test.
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    Hell yeah!
    Incredibly wrong.

    Almost every incense sold has a ingredients list on it... Most of which are sold right here on this site. If yours does not have one then it is most likely a JWH sprayed Damiana blend(JWH- natural chemicals in cannabis) I have been an avid user of synthetic marijuana since the original K2 came out. The high is similar to that of weed. There are different blends too that produce different highs due to varying levels of ingredients. Some are head highs, some aren't. There are no major health risks in using synthetics. All the claims of deaths after closer inspection are coincidences in that said person 'dying' had a pre-existing condition. You're more likely to smoke a cigarette and instantly get cancer than smoke synthetics and have any health issues. You're all a bunch of pot heads (like myself) and are against propaganda against weed... yet you all buy into the propaganda against synthetics... Relax and don't hate on something you don't understand. Both weed and synthetics are simply plants(synthetics being slightly more refined). So, mellow out like members of this site are supposed to.

  13. hahaha XD

  14. Synthetic marijuana hazardous, should be made illegal in U.S. - The Daily Collegian Online
    York teen smokes Spice and nearly dies | | York County, Va.

    Here is a video if you aren't the reading type.

  15. It could show up on a drug test for like 2 weeks and smoking inscense is a bad idea bro

  16. dude, you're coming onto the internet asking a question. If you don't want anyone in your "business", get off the fucking computer. Especially if you're going to bitch because some random guy is calling you stupid.

  17. Oh wow... 2 articles from people I've never heard of and a retarded sounding overly concerned mother.... you sure have me convinced.... cuz i don't have years of experience and know at least 10 people who just as avidly smoke the synthetics... You win this round google search.
  18. HelpDesk, is synthetic marijuana really that unharmful? Is all the negative hype comparable to weed's myths and negative rep? Interesting, I've never seen someone on this site support synthetic herb usage before so I'm just curious, nothing personal.
  19. Seriously, to everyone who says that spice, incense or whatever the hell you call that disgusting, fake and dangerous chemical infested drug should honestly find information proving that it is harmless to anyone. I smoked some with my brother and not only did it taste like I was smoking plastic but the high was horrible. No relaxing, peaceful and giggly high that I always get when smoking Mary Jane. No this was different. I was basically tripping out; not like LSD or something like that, to a much lesser degree but it was still uncomfortable. After that I couldn't sleep and I got one of the worst headaches I had ever experienced.

    That's why it is now prohibited in CT can for good reason.
  20. Nope. No sympathy. If you have a drug test stop doing drugs until you have taken it. Replacing one with another just means you have an addiction.
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