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Smoking in your room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chakada, May 11, 2011.

  1. idunno i never had a problem with anybody smelling any kind of smoke tbh and i dont even keep the windows open
  2. lolwut
  3. wat just spray some air freshner about and ur good imo
  4. I open my window, have fan on full power blowing towards the window. I take my hits by the window, and blow smoke outside. Then I just leave my piece on the windowsil with a quarter on the bowl to stop burning. Haven't been caught.
  5. My basement is the room, but I get paranoid that the smell will sink into clothes on the Landry side of things. So what I do is just blaze up this 1/2 bathroom I have at like 2-3am (I'm a night owl ). Its super small, and can't really fit more than 2 people but that may be pushing it. It has no windows. Just a small vent on the door. When I'm done I just open the door wide and by morning smell is gone. If I hotbox earlier in the day then I'll just spray some air fresh for good measure. But I only ever smoke a couple of small bowls. Never tried it with a joint.
  6. Get a job and move out? How old are you, anyway?

    Or another option is to make a sploof. Toilet paper crammed with dryer sheets. Blow the smoke thru it when u exhale, and keep that shit near the window. Have a can of febreeze ready and spray the holy fuck out of your room.

    Worked for me!
    happy toking, dude.
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    Here in my room
    I smoke lots of weed
    Blaze tons of herb
    in my room
  8. open the window and spray some air fresh
  9. Depends on the size of your house and where are you situated in it. I live in a one storey house- my room is right at the back of it and my mum's room is right at the front, and there's a kitchenette and living room outside my room, all of which together make a quasi-granny flat which I can seal off at night by closing doors and shutting windows. Then I just towel the door and light up a joint, making sure my window's right open and that the smoke is going in its direction in some vague way. I haven't been caught smoking, but even if my mum smelled it, I could just blame it on her stash. :devious:

  10. Flawless Victory.
  11. get a vaporizer
  12. You can always smoke outside, in your backyard or something. Smoking at night outside is always enjoyable for me when the weather is right
  13. I smoke in my room all the time.

    I smoke 1-2 bowls on my bong, blow the air onto the shirt I'm wearing and when I'm done, I throw the shirt into the dirty laundry in my garage, spray my room with febreeze for about 10secs (yes a lot of febreeze) and open my window about 3-4 inches. Leaving the fan on my roof to do all the work while I enjoy my high either watching tv or surfing the web ^___^
  14. I've smoked atleast a half pound in my room living with parents just smoking out the room or blowing it out the window. One of those window fans blowing out works magic if everyone exhales towards it.
  15. same exact thing i do. i put the fan up in the window. (window is right nxt to my bed) i turn the tv on and just relax in bed with the laptop, and tv and all i do is blow the smoke to the fan and the fan does the rest of the work. i smoke in my room about every night wile parents are awake and i still have yet for them to catch me.
  16. Ah what a shame to you guys who currently have to hide it. I've been in those positions. Now everything is pretty relaxed, and I hotbox my room basically constantly.
  17. lucky. yea it sucks haveing to hide it. im not all paranoid like most people tho, i smoke in my room almost every night, but ive been being alot more open with it, been doing some thinking, im not sure how my parents will react but i kinda want them to know so i dont have to be all sneeky with it anymore. im too scard to tell them so im prob just going to let them find out on there own (leaving my grinder out, bluntwrap, shit like), ahha give them little clues intill they figure it all out. hopefully there cool with it.
  18. If you have a closet just go time in there
  19. I kind of see what you are saying, but I doubt it will have much effect, waiting and gradually anyways, if they found it out too late they could just think you've been doing it for a long time and hiding it, so kind of a jaw shank to them. But yeah, I'm not sure if that is the best way but just my thoughts, you could be on the right path, yeah. Sorry if you can't really understand some things I say in my posts.
  20. I smoke in my room every day. I have an attic room and a large window so smell seems to just seep out. My parents don't give a fuck so it's all good :smoking:

    And plus if you have a pipe or a bong it'll smell a lot less.

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