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Smoking in your room?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheBoyWhoTokes, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Does anyone know good ways to smoke in my room and get away with it?

    Like good ways to get rid of the smell, i usually put a towel at the bottom of my door, open my window and let a fan run, and then just blow my smoke out the window, but i get paranoid haha,

    any suggestions? :cool:
  2. Tell your parents to mind their own business.
  3. Well if you want a real response. All the above is good. But also make a sploof. A sploof is the cardboard tube left over from a toilet paper roll. Take 2-3 sheets and rubber band them to one end. Then stuff 2-3 more inside it. Take your hit, aim the sploof out the window and blow through it. Viola, your smoke smells like laundry.
  4. That sploof thing actually works? ive heard of that, but you have to admit, it seems weird.
  5. #5 supersonic11, Aug 14, 2012
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    Sploofs are fucking useless IMO, just keep doing what your doing OP, its what I do and I've been smoking at home for over a year now and never gotten in trouble.
  6. Exactly what the first guy said. I smoke a blunt joint bong. Put a fan on and light a insence if its not a pipe and smoke iny my room. If my mom has no work or nothing ill leave her a bong pack
  7. Start burning incents regularly, so when ur parents smell it they dont get curious. The only other things u can do is Put the Towel under the door, Use the Fan, Blow out the Window, and/or Use a sploof. In college we used to let the shower run for like 10 min till its real steamy then smoke a bowl in there but then again you might not have ur own bathroom. And if all else fails just go burn outside
  8. Buy a MFLB. Compact and easy to use in your room or outside stealthily.
    Vapes have that stealth that a pipe can never get.
  9. Sploofs have always backfired on me so I just ghost every bowl hit I smoke. Bowls are the best for room tokes. And when you're casually chilling around the house light some candles or put one in your room. Your parents will get used to a candle which will help with the smell and you can just push the gas on the lighter so you don't have to hit the switch
  10. Sploofs work perfectly for me.
  11. Back in high school, spliffs were a priority. It helps in ways you don't understand. Just try it out, tell me how it works out for you. It definitely worked out for me.
  12. You need like 12+ dryer sheets to actually have almost no smell, everyone always underestimates the amount and gets fucked over hah
  13. do what your doing but add a candle to the mix and dont get lazy, make sure you blow out the window

    and do one hits or cover your bowl after

    and smoke a pipe, it's quietest while still being highly effective.............annnnd finally light your lighter by holding the button and placing it over the candle flame....that way no flint noise is made
  14. Go to wal mart
    go to pet supply aisle
    pick up Activated Carbon
    go home
    run water over the carbon
    insert carbon into coffee filter
    mold it to the shape of your sploof(empty toilet paper roll)
    fill sploof with carbon

  15. I am at college so I take all the neccesary precautions.

    Steam the shower (like so much steam it's hard to see 5 feet in front of you)
    Sploof (IDK how people think they suck, they are a HUGE tool if you stealth smoke)
    Towel the door
    Pick up some Ozium from Walmart (Dont pick it up at a headshop, I saw a normal can of it for like 12 bucks at a local walmart its 3-4 dollars tops)
    Close all ventilation (where the AC blows in or whatever lol)
    Make food (I used to always make microwavable pasta when I burned cause it covered up any lingering smell that may have leaked from the bathroom, i now live somewhere that I have to be less careful but still, better safe than sorry)

    I would say with the incense that it may be a tipoff to the parents because if you go from never burning incense to all of a sudden burning them bitches, it could set off an alarm to the parental units lol
  16. Took of the screen on my window and just smoke with my head out and blow the smoke away.
  17. lock your door
    put a towel or blanket by the bottom of it
    open any windows you can
    turn on a fan if you have one
    use a sploof. they work wayyy better if you use a water bottle, cut off the bottom, stuff a sock into the inside, spray the sock with a lot of perfume, and wrap another sock around the bottom. me and my friend perfected the "sploof" really stoned once haha
    then get stoned..!
    try to be as quiet as possible with this
    it's best to do this when people are asleep, or think you're sleeping
    i do it this way and i've never gotten caught. :D
  18. Dude trust me putting a towel under the door and having a fan running and blowing it out the window isnt going to stop your parents from smelling weed unless you clear the bowl in one go and blow it out the window then u wont get caught cause even if ur parents do smell it ur room will not smell like pot at all as long as u wash ur mouth out with mouth wash cause you could just say its somebody else but if you dont your fucked and even if your parents pretend they dont smell anything im sure they do
  19. Smoking in a room is so damn sketchy. Get a vape and use that. No worrying about that burnt smoky dank smell just open a window,have a fan on blowing out, towel under door, and spray or candle and the light popcorn/vaped weed aroma will disappear in five minutes.

    Hell you could even use a desktop vape and when the rents are there just put it somewhere like in the closet underneath some clothes.
  20. What's with all these posts asking if they could smoke in a room in their house? there's google you know.

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