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smoking in your car

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by oncloudnine, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. How many blades smoke in their cars? Do you drive around or do you park somewhere? Where do you park?
  2. I'll only smoke in my car if it's with friends. We usually blunt cruise or find an empty restaurant parking lot and hit there. It's almost never planned, we just do whatever everyone thinks is best
  3. The only time I smoke in cars is when it's winter and cold a.f.

    We have special spots that are very secluded that my friends and I smoke in the car

    Or else if we are outside, we just go behind a building or in the woods, anywhere that you are out of sight really is a good place to smoke...

    and if you have to smoke where there are people, make sure its minimal people and if you act sketchy you look sketchy...
  4. Every once in a while I will walk out to my car in my driveway and hotbox it. Not even drive, just play the radio and chill.

    It's chill, especially late at night.
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    I smoke in a warehouse parking lot. At least 3 miles from any roads and cops don't go there. I used to work at the place and it's on some kind of boundary line. Cops can go there of course but there's been no trouble there in yearsss. It's just a biggg long stretch of road (miles) with a few warehouses on each side. Open 24/7. People work all kinds of shifts and there is always people coming and going and people chilling in their cars waiting to pick someone up. The parking lot is HUGE so I can easily find a discreet place to chill and smoke from my gravity bong.

    For the smell? OZIUM!!

    Also if you go some place have a reason to explain your presence.. Apartment building=picking up a friend. Warehouse=picking up a friend. Walmart (sketchy yes) but you can say the same thing.. Schools? No excuse at all, especially after hours. That abandoned culdesac looks awesome, but there is no way to explain why you are there. Trust me... I've been there when a friend of mine got busted for this.
  6. I cant smoke anywhere else but my car on my college campus theres always people roaming around everywhere. It's awesome though, plug my iPod in, nice system and chill.
  7. Nothing like a summer night cruise with a joint in hand and cudi on the system.:smoke:
  8. No way man, thats a good way to get arrested

  9. ozium ftw!
  10. Not if you're smart about it. They won't pull you over unless you give them a reason to.

    I usually just roll a j, hold it like a cigarette and drive like I always would. Cop comes near just roll up my window, &toss the j in the ash tray. Keep on driving, then eventually pick that shit back up and continue as I was.
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    i smoke in my car mainly, when its warm enough and if i have enough time i will go to a nature park and find a cool spot.

    but in the car you need to make sure you plan it out well. DO NOT park anywhere that you can be singled out, such as a vacant parking lot, parks, somewhere closed or no cars at night etc.

    I look for a place such as restaurant stores etc parking lots where cars have every right to be, and where there wont be a constant flow of families walking past every time you turn your head etc. just go somewhere chill lol a lot of times ill just park in the back row at mcd and smoke then go through the drive through. no cops gonna be lookin for people at mcdonalds

    also i dont advise smoking while driving unless you have either a blunt or joint and no one else in the car has anything illegal.
    as soon as your done smoking just roll down the windows for a 5 mins or so and it should smell hardly at all but you can never go wrong with ozium

  12. Exactly, just be sure to drive down roads you know are not very active and its straight. A good thing to do is drive around big neighborhoods that are not high in crime rate.
  13. Just dont post up anywhere in an apt complex/outside of any houses where no other cars are parked. Attracts to much attention. Crowded restraunt parking lots are always good.
  14. What if the cops pull up behind you in the middle of the sesh, or just after? Then the car reeks like weed, and so do you. Then you get in shit for possession, dui, etc etc... Just my personal experince tho

  15. They won't if you do it right, thats wat were trying to say.
  16. I only smoke in the car if I go through a car wash lol
  17. So what if they're behind you? They can't tell how bad (or good:smoke:) you smell from inside their patrol car.
    Like I said, they won't pull you over unless you give them a reason to. Ie: busted tail light, speeding etc.

    'One crime at a time' is what I always say. Hahaha.


    Unless your talking about smoking when parked, in which case, you were just being burnt.
  18. Either me and my buddies usually park in a crescent or hot box while we drive then air out on a highway. :)
  19. i love sitting in my driveway and hotboxing my car from time to time

    96 toyota avalon leather interior, nothing comfier.

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