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smoking in your bedroom

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by patmcd10, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. I just moved back in with my parents and i have no place to smoke my bong. Is there a way I could safely smoke my bong out my bedroom window?
  2. Is it a single or two story house? When I first decided smoke at my parents I had a room on the second floor, the window and airflow are key! Also smoking late at night helps so by the time they gut up in the morning your room will hopefully have aired out. It also depends on the type of privacy your family has, my parents never really bother me whenever I go home to stay for a few days.

    But yea, your bedroom window should be fine, just be mindful of where that window is blowing out to.
  3. I used to do this all the time. Put a box fan in the window, facing outwards. Put a towel or two under the door, and just blow the smoke into your fan. Spray afterwards. If neccesary, make a "Sploof". Fill a toilet paper roll with dryer sheets. Exhale through that. You're good man.
  4. Do you have your own car? Maybe you can leave your bong in your car and go for a short drive when you want to smoke. Just pull over in a secluded area and start :bongin:
  5. Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

    This activated-carbon smoke filtering device will remove 100% of the smell. You blow in one end, and the smoke comes out the other, TOTALLY free of any smell. It smells like NOTHING AT ALL. Trust me, buy one for $20 and you will have the ability to smoke ANYWHERE without anyone ever knowing. Cheap and small/easy to hide, the Smokebuddy is the way to go.

    Also, you will want to cover the bowl after you finish inhaling from your bong to prevent excess smoke from causing smell.
  6. It's easy bro, I smoke in my room a lot but for you since you're with your parents I'll give you a great guide to smoke inside stealthy.

    -Use a Spoof. (Just a toilet paper role with washer cleaners inside of it)
    -Stuff the door with towels so the smell won't get out.
    -Buy some febreze and always spray quite a lot when you're done smoking.
    -Buy some candles if ya want, it won't hurt.
    -Also, open your window and point a fan running on high.
    I used to haft to smoke secretly and that's how I got a away with it bro, good luck.

  7. Do this. It doesn't just make it not smell, smoke actually doesn't come out the other end, nothing comes out its just pure, non-smelling air. works very well for quite a long time.

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