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Smoking in your bedroom

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GSN1PA360, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Im feeling like I need to smoke a bowl in a little bit but I really want to smoke in my room, What I usually do is use a toilet paper roll with like 7 dryer sheets tucked in it and a few on the end and I blow that out into a fan that blows out of the window with a towel under my door. Anyway, What do you guys think, And do you guys smoke in your bedroom alot? (Or anywhere in your house)​

  2. If it works, it works my friend.

    I own a house and 4 stoners live here. We smoke ounces and ounces a month and the house smells fine. Just gotta use the right tools.
  3. I used to smoke in my house when I was still living at home. To me, Fabreeze was key. And a sploof like you described. If you go onto Youtube and type in, "Mythblazers." A rapper named Curren$y debunks some "smoking in room" myths.
  4. Seems kind of pointless; if you have a window, why not take your hit and then lean out the window blowing it out? That's what I do when I want to smoke inside to avoid the cold and I don't want to stink up the place. If its windy out I have a fan on the inside blowing air against the open window so nothing can float/get blown back in.
  5. to smoke in my room i completely stick my body out the window and hit the bowl then come back inside. thats really the only way, otherwise smoke hits u back and gets in the room, unless u got a fan

  6. That's exactly what I used to do.

    Got some inscents? With a sploof and those you should have no problem.
  7. awesome thread cuz i leg1t just got done smoking in my room, annnyyywaayyyy, i usually get my bowl like half a full of weed, light that bitch up, then as soon as im done hitting plug the bowl with my finger, then i lean as far out my window as i can, and exhale, works perfectly, and doesnt smell at all..... :smoke:
  8. Just smoke man... just smoke. Parents come in, act like you were jacking off.
  9. I smoke all the time in my rroom out the window not 100% weather my pops nows hasn't.said shit.just never comes into room talks outside.the room lol
  10. I smoked in my bedroom at college apartment, bathroom, bedroom at home, etc. When I'm at home I usually put a WET towel under the door, light a candle or 2, put the exhaust fan in the window, and spray some air freshener every now and then.

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