Smoking In Theathers...???

Discussion in 'General' started by GanstaSmoker, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hey so im going to be smoking while watching a movie on my local theater,so i just wanted to ask some tips,from what should i smoke out of(pipe,blunt),how should i do it?,or any tips that can help me out on not getting caught

    Thanks Guys :smoke:
  2. have fun getting arrested:wave:
  3. i dont know how ud get away with this man. unless its like an empty theatre i really dont see the merit. but it sounds badass. i just dont see a way to not get caught doing it.
  4. No pussys please
  5. Good luck, plead insanity...:confused_2:

  6. we will see who the pussy is when your in jail getting buttfucked by big ron
  7. lol...
    i dont know how shit is in Peurto Rico
    but if you did that shit in the US, youd have a cop there in under 5 probly.
    if youre set on doin this, just do a blunt.
    IMO it's pretty dumb though
  8. Bad idea man, just smoke before you go to the movies.
  9. I used to work at a theater and if you want to smoke I suggest doing it when the theater is full. If the movie is empty then we would keep the ventilation on low but we turn up the ventilation full blast when the theater is packed. So you are more likely to smoke undetected when it's busy.

    Also smoke a blunt because they smell less than pipeloads.
  10. A pipe would probably be your best bet because of the amount of smoke is considerably lower than the other options.A blunt would just be equivalent to standing up and yelling "LOOK AT ME IM SMOKING".Should probably do it in an empty showing too.If its packed the dude you're sitting next to might not like that you're just smokin right beside/in front of/etc him.

    Though you could always just smoke in the car before going in.
  11. if smoking in the building itself is imperative then do it in the bathroom while the movie is playing
  12. smoke right before you go in!
  13. what?? although as long as the others were ok movie theatres usually have the AC on blast and doors closed, and high cielings the smell would probably be gone within 5 minutes of a smoked bowl but a blunt is not a good idea

  14. lolwut.
  15. Bring a vape bag and a small sploof. Take a hit, close the bag, thru the sploof.

    Happy tokin!
  16. is it an indoor thearte? i really dont think you will get away with it. I mean its inside a building, its gunna smell, n theres alot of other people in there. But if you reeally wana do it, use a pipe. Blunts will smell worse.
  17. ... this is a dumbass idea...but if you insist, use a one-hitter
  18. wait why don't you just make firecrackers? and eat them at the theater
  19. I know alot of people did this during the premier of Pinapple Express. But I donno if you can get away with it in just any movie.

  20. lolwut indeed:confused:

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