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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by drJustice, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Who likes to just go in the woods and smoke? I think it's the best possible thing to do while high. I always think deeper about stuff when I'm walking high in the woods. Plus all the trees so beautiful, and I wanna go down every little subtrail I see. Well I know not it's not easy for everyone but there's a trail in my backyard and trail right down the street so I go like 5 times a week. Anybody else like to? Any woods-smoking stories?
  2. Duude you have no idea ive hiked up mountains and forest sooo baked and it is the best thing ever:smoke: peace
  3. Man that brings back memories. In high school me and my friends had little spots carved out in the woods with gravity bongs set up. We mustve had like 4, we spent HOURS at those spots, just gettin high, trippin, drinkin. Those were the days.

    I love burnin and just walkin through the woods, and discovering all kinds of things, its the best.

    +rep brotha, burn one :)
  4. It just makes me sad all the people who just wanna smoke in their room and not do anthing anytime.
  5. The woods near my home are huge, with TONS of trails to different areas. I go there pretty much every time I smoke, it's so relaxing and nature is awesome. I really don't like smoking in my room as much as I do outside.

    One of my favorite times, and one of my least favorite:

    Once a group of friends and I went into the woods on an icy night, like when the trails were PURE ice. And we were climbing crazy icy hills and sliding down trails and stuff (its kinda hilly in spots, with steep rocky terrain and trees all over the place). And we chiefed all night just walking around in the woods, it was probably one of the funnest nights I had there. There's this frozen waterfall too, it's really cool. That was in the winter though.

    My second story, I was in the woods and two cops came on both sides of the path and tried to cram my friends and I in the middle and catch us. We were rippin my bong so I had to ditch it and we laid low for hours just chillin on our stomaches scared out of our minds. Flashlights were everywhere, almost shit my pants haha.

    But yea, woods are the way to go. Bugs during the spring/summer suck though. I really enjoy it in the winter when it's completely quiet and you can see around you because the leaves are gone. Soon I will be enjoying that again :D

  6. for real! Smoking outdoors is amazzing.. i used to love having blunt sessions on this cliff that overlooked clinton lake.. when the trees blew in the wind, i dont even know how to say it, but i was at complete peace with life.. miss the good ol days with the friends after reading this thread

  7. Thats my friends... It fucking sucks. I want to go for walks in the bush behind my house, i live near a beach so im keen to go for a fish.. But nope they just wanna sit infront of the 'one eyed cyclops' and munch out..
  8. I agree with what Grizzly was saying about the woods being a better place in the autumn and winter seasons. Around here, during the Summer, the forrests are muggy and filled with mosquitoes and whatnot. It's kind of just a pain, really. The pests and humid conditions aside, I love smoking and exploring the wild. The forest is the best place to enjoy the herb. In fact, I just finished a smoking expedition a few hours ago.
  9. definitely one of my favorite places to smoke
  10. Love the woods and I love rivers even more. Pretty much all of my best most memorable smoking times have been in the woods. My first time smoking actually was in this spot that some kids had made with logs set up in a little circle and everything. I remember walking back with my friends on a trail after smoking and saying "Dude...I just fell asleep for like 9 seconds..." My first intense zone out experience. :p
  11. Did you get the bong back?
  12. I smoke in huge fields and in the woods all the time haha.

    Midwest rocks...:D
  13. Yeah I just went back the next morning and grabbed it. Otherwise I would've had to cry myself to sleep lol
  14. Yesterday i had the day off of work and i went to visit a nature center my friend works at. Its 18 acres of well kept trees, bushes and little creeks. They even have a little wigwam replica set up.

    Me and my buddy smoked out in the wigwam and he led me to a clearing to show me the white widow he has growin there. It was great.

    A nice little foresty getaway in the middle of Huntington Beach. :)
  15. Haha I smoked in a wigwam once, it was on a trail in... Bar Harbor I think?
  16. Yes, i agree, toking in the wooods is great, i'd love to just live in the trees.
  17. Smoking in the woods is nice and peacefull, and if u see a pig u could hide in Nature
  18. Plan on Taking that chronic plant
  19. i love camping and chillin in the woods... while i think being high in the woods would be tight, i think i would just wanna chill around the fire and talk with some buddies about shit. haha that'd be tight

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