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Smoking in the washroom

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nstyle, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. M thinking of using a small little bong for my next seshalone. What should I do to minimize the smell after the session so it doesn't reek for the whole day? Also how should I smoke technique wise?
    Thx gc, I'm just looking for a stealth seah this time :p
  2. Load small 1-hit bowls, and inhale every molecule of smoke from it. Hold in for about 10 seconds, and blow out the top of the window so no smoke comes back in the room.

    Also, after you light the bowl, use a flat solid object to cover the bowl to extinguish the bowl so no run-off smoke stinks up the room.

    Good luck, and spray if necessary :)
  3. if your smoking in the shower get a REALLY hot shower goin and blow the smoke out the window. also ghost hit it, and if your smokin somewhere else blow the smoke in a freezer if u can...spray...use a sploof....many different ways..
  4. You live close to me. If that is you in your avitar, I could pick you up, we could smoke at my place. Then I could drive you home. No Smell issue. ;-)
  5. Man, I love how Canadians call the bathrooms washrooms.
  6. Lol I know right
  7. Honestly, when my mom took me and the crew to canada, and everything said washroom, it was like WOW, something that makes sense.

    I can understand if there was a bath in there, and you was taking one, but most people take a crap, piss, and sometimes wash their hands or something.

    Maybe in canada they actually use the rest room, and literally wash their hands or something.

    Watever is going on, they got it right.
  8. I dont have to hide it...but.....I enjoy burning candles or incense.
    My favorite candles are the Glade scented oil candles and right now
    I have the Apple Cinnamon and the Christmas Pine. (the refill ones)

    My incense are hand dipped/soaked in scented oils and my favorite
    that I burn all the time is "Dragons Blood".
    Always fresh and never that pre-packaged funk.

    If using the candles, lite them (1 or 2) bout 30 mins before ya go in to the
    bathroom or where ever you are going to smoke.
  9. You don't need to do anything but open a window if you are blowing your hits into a towel.
  10. [quote name='"Forked Up"']You live close to me. If that is you in your avitar, I could pick you up, we could smoke at my place. Then I could drive you home. No Smell issue. ;-)[/quote]

    Haha I'm a guy and that's Brazilian model Alessandra ambrosia lol
  11. Wait what is a sploof again and how do u make one?

  12. One paper towl roll (no paper twosl just that cardboard thing at the end of it all)
    Rubber bands, and dryer sheets./

    Use and many as u think u need, rubber band the end.
    Then put some inside...the un dryer sheet side u blow thro...u can alaso put dryer sheets on the end too to blow through...then goes into the middle, then out the end.
  13. When I stealth smoke in the bathroom, I put a towel under the door, run the shower, blow it out the window, don't let it cherry and spray something after. Never been caught with this method. Turn the fan on too, helps with smell and covers sound
  14. Invest in some incense. You'll never worry about smell again
  15. hahah i never realized that until now. i always called it a washroom and never a bathroom, hahha wtf :p

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