Smoking in the Shower

Discussion in 'General' started by PrincessTHC, May 5, 2011.

  1. Guten Tag, GC!

    My plan for the day; Rolling up some J's, fill a vap balloon, start up the shower steam, smoke and shower for the next hour or two. Oh, and with some freshly brewed coffee on the shelf nearby!

    I'm looking forward to it. Think I might play some Radio Citizen.


    What are you doing today, GC?
  2. Today I'm going to jam a guitar pick in my dick hole.

  3. You're doing it wrong.

  4. Toking in the shower is awesome. You come out feeling high and refreshed. :smoke:
  5. Took a bath with a box of wine, a J, and lots of bubbles. Oh, and a bag of Peanutles plus Hot Mix. That shit's delicious.
  6. Shower for an hour or two? Sweet lord.
  7. Haha right?

    Most I can shower for is like 30 minutes.

    But I do jamaican hotbox a lot, it's very nice.
  8. Try to find bud.
  9. Packing for Hungary / Italy :smoke:

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