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smoking in the school bathroom ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chumbing, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. ever try smoking in their school bathroom before class ? first time doing it yesterday wondering if anybody else does this experiences ?
  2. Done it once. Also smoked in the hall once during classes. Pretty stupid imo but meh
  3. best way to get caught IMHO...

    but to each his own!

    Happy Tokin!
  4. Its all good if its not your school. Or if you're 35 and smoking in a school bathroom i'm sure you won't get in trouble.
  5. Don't bring bud to school at all bro. It's a really good way to get caught and fuck your life up. Just wait til you get home to enjoy some herb
  6. yea i use to its not the best idea
  7. I never did. Smoking in school is pointless as you waste your entire high sketching out over trying to hide the fact that you're high. You can't even enjoy it. Be smart and wait until you can smoke infinitely in the comfort of your bedroom.
  8. nah i try not to eat where i shit
  9. I am at a total loss. How does this message board tolerate anyone under 18 posting?
    If you are asking advice about getting stoned at school it is inappropriate, at best.
    Yes I smoked up all the time at 16, but back then, we were cool enough not to talk about it.
  10. I'd say no to that oppurtunity definetly. Your public school bathroom is SO sketh. Atleast at my school there are always two sheriffs patrolling the school, and a random k-9 search every week randomly.

    Try smoking before school in your own bathroom. I try as hard as I can to avoid smoking on school campus. However your school could be totaly different than mine in terms of how focused the county is on catching people with marijuana.

    Good luck bud. :smoke:
  11. people can be 18 and be seniors/////
  12. Idk in my school it wasn't that big of a deal. We always had like 20-30 people smoking cigarettes in the bathroom during recess and someone was always on watch duty so you had to be an imbecile to get caught.

    I found the classes pretty boring mostly so being high helped me through it. Didn't have to hide my high either because almost everyone in my class smoked and the teachers didn't really care as long as you didn't interrupt the class.
  13. Dnt bring bud to skool, u can get caught n mess up ur life, if u wnna be high in skool either smk before or bring some brownies ha they will never know
  14. I would recommend just smoking before school.
  15. I've smoked in the bathroom once, me and my friend shared a square in it like last school year or something, isn't worth it imo. It was right before lunch so we went in and some teacher came right behind me and sniffed me so obviously, I thought I was fucked, but nothing happened.
  16. smoking in school is a stupid idea. with that being said i once did it in the car washing room in car care class. i wouldnt reccomend smoking in bathrooms or other public places people can just walk into though

  17. This.
    I mean, if you can wait the six/seven hours it is til school is over, do it. If you can't, then you need to become a little less dependent on weed to get you through the day. It's nothing personal, just an opinion.
    Also, there was a huge bust at my school last year when a kid was caught with 10 g and a bunch of his friends had stuff on them, too. At least in my town, if you are within 1500 yards of your school with drugs, it is still considered school property and the administrators get involved and it is just not pretty.

    Just wait til you get home, it'll be so much more worth it.

  18. Yea. Suuuuuure.
  19. LOL!
    Way to ruin my troll on the kid!
  20. i smoke out behind the baseball field, dont smoke at school though, if you need to ask advice you'll probably get caught, no offense.

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