Smoking in the mountains

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  1. Sometimes when we come out to Colorado to visit my wife's family we will go to their cabin in the mountains. It's an amazing time, some bud and some booze...just go there and relax. I can't wait until we move out here.

    There is nothing like climbing some tall rocks, smoking some bud and enjoying the view.


    EDIT: I didn't even notice the thread below mine with a nearly identical name ("Smoking in the woods").
    I guess we all just like to toke up and enjoy nature. - Peace
  2. This. NOTHING better, on a sunny day...
  3. I've gotta go too MT.Scott and do this some day.
  4. I love colorado (not the people but the out doors here is amazing.) My favorite time to do some out door blazing is at night, while im going through having ninja adventures. but at anytime, the best possible thing i can be doing is out hiking around with my homies and an 1/8th.
  5. Ive only driven through mountains never hiked in them...i would love to someday...Florida's pretty flat lol
  6. Oh yes, it's one of the most magical places to toke. Here are some of my favorite Colorado mountain spots in no particular order:

    1.) Red Rocks/Morrison- The rocks are filled with caves and a lot of them have been weather worn into odd and interesting shapes. An amazing amount of them look like faces from the right angles. The Red Rocks area is well frequented, so if you're looking for real solitude without seeing a dozen other hikers, somewhere else might be better for you. Fantastic view, though, and I usually find it well worth the trip.

    2.) Mt. Princeton- one of the BEST camping spots! Natural hotsprings, great trails, and $10 bucks a night for the campgrounds with electricity. Never actually stayed there yet, but I plan to next summer.

    3.) Argentine Pass/Mt McClellan(sp?)- Very steep grade and thick vegetation, so its better for car trips and short hikes than extended ones, but it's absolutely breathtaking. Great view of Georgetown on the way up, and the road climbs all the way up past timberline. There are abandoned mine shafts/equipment all over the place and small, incredibly long waterfalls feeding the river below. BE ADVISED: if you aren't used to high altitude, you could get some gnarly altitude sickness here because it goes all the way up above timberline, and unless you have 4 wheel drive and a foot of ground clearance, there are parts that might be impassible. For the especially rugged or just suicidal off roaders, there's a steep trail filled with mud puddles and boulders.

    4.) Bailey- Most notable is the huge aspen forest up here. Great camping and 4 wheeling at Slaughterhouse (a bit less intense than the name implies) and lots of meadows filled with wildflowers. Every fall the aspens turn brilliant oranges, reds, and yellows. It almost makes it look like the whole mountain is on fire.

    5.) Boulder area- Pretty much any direction you go from Boulder, there's something awesome. Boulder Canyon is awesome for hiking and there's good climbing for anyone from novices to experienced climbers. Very dog friendly, so long as they're either leashed or extremely obedient to voice commands. Boulder Falls is sweet too, but has been closed (probably because of rock slides) for a while now.

    6.) Rampart/Sedalia- Rampart is part of Pike's National Forest, and I have seen more wildlife here than anywhere else in the mountains. Be aware of black bear/cougar safety here (make a lot of noise and look as big as possible, black bears are one of the more timid species). There is some extremely rare wildlife to be seen, like black squirrels, and its not uncommon to spot fat little lines of grouse and deer herds. Waterfalls, stuff to climb everywhere, kickass ATV trials and very well maintained roads. Even if you have a rear wheel drive compact car, its a pretty easy drive.
  7. now that sounds like R&R.

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