Smoking in the mountains

Discussion in 'General' started by SourDiesel94, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Hey blades,
    Tomorrow im going to a resort in the mountains for a weekend and i rolled myself some joints to smoke while im there. Ive never rolled in my life. But they turned out pretty good. Im just really stoked to just chill out and smoke a j in the forest. Haha
    Have any of you smoked on a mountain? Whats it like?
  2. It's incredible. Personally, I feel so close to nature and I just can't help but appreciate how beautiful everything is. I hike a lot, therefore I end up smoking on mountains quite frequently :p
    Enjoy the view, and enjoy your sesh!:)
  3. Thanks a lot! Haha ive been there before. But before i started smoking. Im thinking its gonna be the same thing just 100x better
  4. Are you smoking before you climb as well or only at the top?
  5. Probably once im up at the top
  6. Ah. Well, regardless, enjoy your hike!

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