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Smoking in the garage?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WeedIsYummy, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. I was really curious about this, if I were to smoke a joint in my garage with the garage door down, would the smell creep into my house or would it filter outside? (idk about your garage's but in mine there are two small screened openings in the corner each about the size of a cinder block that let air in/out)
  2. It would most likely clear out. I've never had trouble with the smell coming into the house. It usually airs out within about 20 minuets. And I don't even have screened openings in my garage. Just two garage doors.
  3. Depends on how much you smoke and how well sealed the door to the house is, I guess. :confused_2:
  4. Joints and Blunts are likely to stain your garage, but pipes and bongs don't. I always smoke in my room with a pipe and it doesn't stain. The smoke/smell goes away pretty quickly. I just smoke a grape swisher in my room a few days ago and that shit stain my room for a few days, LOL. Lesson learned.
  5. What he said. I had a party when my parents were gone and everyone smoked in the garage. I got fucked because of grape swishers though. Stick with a pipe or bong, and just open your garage for 10 minutes after so it airs out then you're good :)
  6. It def could, depending on your house. Why do you need the door close tho, can you at least crack it a bit?
    If you just blow your smoke out the little window you should be fine
  7. put a fan in front of the door, that might help
  8. I've been in family member's houses in which they smoke cigarette's in the garage. I can't even smell the cigarette's even if I'm next to the door leading out to the garage. I'm sure you would be fine, but I guess it could depend on your house.
  9. I smoke in my garage most of the time I smoke. I either smoke joints or out of my bowl. If you just leave the garage door open and just blow your air in direction of the door it clears up pretty quick
  10. You should be somewhat good. Just try to keep it less loud ya know
  11. The garage...One of mans favorite smoking spots since the 1950's. From your brief description, it sounds like you would be in the clear. A few words of caution. Garage doors can be quite loud. Be careful not to wake those you wish to avoid.

    My advice would be not to smoke in the actual garage. At the very least, dont exhale in the garage. Walk a few steps onto the street (if possible and safe) and blow smoke there.
  12. you'll be aight just open the garage door after if ur super paranoid abt it
  13. I used to smoke in my garage every night til I moved, shitty seal on the door leading inside and still no smell seeped. If you're that worried smoke on the opposite end of the garage away from the door.
  14. Wait for the smoke to clear and open up the door. It'll clear out. I used to do that all the time but now I just don't care. My neighbors walk by all the time when I have a joint hanging out of my mouth. People just think its a cig

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