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Smoking in the car?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. I used to smoke in the car all the time, but one time me and my buddy got stopped (he was driving), cause he didnt have his lights on. The cop smelt weed and made us stomp out about 2 grams and let us go. Ever since then i get super paranoid about smoking in the car and now i just dont smoke in cars anymore. My friend still does and drives like a dumbass and his tags are expired, just all bad lol. I'm just cautious about getting fucked by the police. How do you guys feel about smoking in the car?
  2. I only bring what I will smoke so I could ditch that shit or smoke it all before getting searched.
  3. Yeah thats what i used to do but i just gave up on car smoking. I had about 10 smoking spots i would park and smoke at and all of them people came and followed us or cops came and what not. just too risky i think.
  4. Honestly... if its not too cold out, I'd just park the car, walk into the bush, sit on a rock, hit the bong, get back in the car, go back to work.
  5. I don't like to smoke in my ride cause it's disrespectful to it ahaha, and because I drop ash on the leather seats all the time... And because I don't need it reaking like dope, it's already heat enough for me to be bombing around in it.
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    I would only smoke in the car if i had nowhere else to toke. Otherwise i'd perfer a house/park.

    If i do smoke and drive i just take less crowded roads.
  7. I dunno.

    Maybe it depends on the type of place you live in, but I smoke everywhere in my neighborhood.

    When im in college, if theres a long break, Ill go to my car in the parking lot and smoke. Never been a problem there.

    lol, I was driving my friends back from Philly and we were on the fucking whatever highway, and I had my friend just hold the wheel while I took bowl hits.

    I never really think about cops when it comes to smoking, they aren't to much of a problem since I air my car out like mad when driving.

    I just know I can drive well while Im high. If i didnt feel safe behind the wheel, I wouldnt do it at all.
  8. 1. papers
    2. papers
    3. no pieces (papers)
    idk ive been in a accident with around an 8th and been pulled over with a piece i just was cool about it and nothing happened really i mean they had their suspecions but they couldnt find shit so its OK until u get pulled over thats how i see it i mean were going to die sometime might as well get high
  9. Hotboxing a car is something every stoner should do a few times just because it's a lot of fun.. but it's really dumb. You may think the smell is gone but it lingers and it gets into the seats. And agreed this that bull up there.. PAPERS PAPERS PAPERS because then they can't get you on a paraphernalia charge (well yes they can but it's only in the 2nd degree and only if the papers have weed on them).
  10. in college me nd my friend hotbox his car everyday on the way to, nd home from school... cant believe yu blades are all sketched out about blunt rides... LAME

  11. all us lames from lamesville
  12. dont park and smoke.. thats why got u caught. u gotta cruise and smoke i think thats way safer
  13. blunt rides ftw.. how can yu be a true stoner, nd puss out on a blunt ride??.. im on probation, nd in still dont get sketched as much as yu guys..
  14. The people that are sketch most often have a reason why, wait till you get popped driving and you wont blaze the car anymore. Especially since now they do hand out DUID (driving under the influence of drugs). I know because i was in DUI classes for drinking and about 5 of the kids were caught with weed and got a DUID. But yeah i used to blaze my car so bad it wold smell for weeks after no smoking in it lol.
  15. [quote name='"42Omidnitetoker"']in college me nd my friend hotbox his car everyday on the way to, nd home from school... cant believe yu blades are all sketched out about blunt rides... LAME[/quote]

    i can honestly say my car is the place that i smoke the most.. too bad it got totalled last week :(
  16. I live in NH.. where you go to jail for the smallest nug. So I don't smoke in the car ever. Instead, park the car and walk somewhere to smoke. E.g. a park or lake with a path. Or you can smoke a J on the highway with a window (or more) down.
  17. I live in socal and smoke in the car a lot, like when my ex-girl would go shopping or in between long breaks during school, I'd wait in the car, watch movies, and blaze up.

    [ame=]My weed stash box - YouTube[/ame]
  18. joints only.

    no paraphernalia or extra bud.
  19. I don't care what anybody says, smoking while driving is never a good idea. Way too many risks factors. I've only done it once with my friend and we didn't even finish the blunt because he put it out because he thought he saw a cop.

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