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Smoking in the bathroom

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xTITTYSPRINKLESx, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. I have read many posts on this topic but I can't find anything that fits my situation. I have a very small bathroom about 5ftx7ftx no windows and a fan and vent right next to each other. I know about the towel and shower thing and spoof. I've smoked for some time and my dad doesn't know yet and I would like to keep it that way.

    Ps he has a nose issue so he can't smell to well don't know if that's important

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  2. 1. no joints or blunts, smell will escape
    2. create a sploof
    3. shower or bathroom fan on

    he can't smell well? now you're golden :smoke:
  3. What the above poster said.

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  4. Can't you just go outside to smoke? Then you wouldn't have to worry about the house smelling.
  5. When you smoke in the bathroom
    Keep using the sploof
    Keep shower ON
    spray air freshener or an axe bottle.
    Hope you dad doesn't find out and kick your ass
  6. When I was living at home my parents didn't care, they just didn't want me smoking in the house.  Just go roll a doobie and go outside and smoke.
  7. If your intention is not getting caught then I would strongly advise against smoking in a windowless bathroom. If your room has a window I think that's a better option than the bathroom. Not to mention that everyone is the house will use the bathroom at least once a day. I've smoked in my bathroom before without getting caught though, just take the advice people already post to help minimize your chances of getting caught

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    if you're going to smoke indorrs use a carbon filter, activated carbon is like $7 at walmart. 
    Sploofs filled with dryer sheets really don't work as good as people think they do, because they just got done smoking and can't smell weed they think they are in the clear. 
  9. stop complicating things and smoke outside and you probably wont get caught

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  10. I'm about to drop some knowledge on you, so strap in tight and try to keep up. First off, I've been smoking in my room for around a half of a year and it's very easy to do so if you follow a very strict rules. First things first, you need to put that exhaust fan on, and if you don't have one of those, then rearguard this whole guide. Second step, I would highly recommend getting something along the lines of a smoke buddy. Believe it or not getting a gas mask off of amazon for very cheap works just as well, you only need the filter from the gas mask (I'll get to why that's necessary in a minute). Then you are going to need to take your shower temp. handle and throw that sucker onto the highest setting that the shower has. Place a towel on the crack on the door and cover any vents the supply heat or air conditioning to that bathroom. Now take your hit, cover your bowl as to not let any smoke escape, the less smoke escapes the better. As you cover your bowl blow your hit into the side of the gas mask filter that air would normally enter into. If you don't have a smoke buddy or a gas mask filter and you are using a sploof I highly recommend not doing this, but if you are trying to smoke now, blow the hit into the sploof and aim the sploof right into the exhaust vent. While your shower is on high temperature throughout your smoke sesh keep dropping little globs of really strong smelling shampoo/body wash the heat of the water helps get the smell into the air. That is my guide to smoking in a bathroom.
  11. Op

    Don't do it, it's not worth the risk. Just smoke outside man and respect your parents house.

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  12. It will work, but in my experience you have to make sure that nobody is home for awhile so it can air out.

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  13. Most bathroom fans and vents circulate the air in the house.Find out where yours lead before trying.
    If it leads outside,just light an incense,towel under the door,turn the shower on,exhale into the vent,and spray some air freshener when you are done.
    If it leads to another room,just go outside,or smoke when noone else is home for a whileand open a window,so the smell leaves before they get home.But the best solution is respecting your parents house,and going outside.
  14. Turn the fan/vent on

    Load your bowl with enough so you can cash it in one hit(no residual smoke)

    Blow hit into spoof

    Repeat as many times as need

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  15. no, you shuoldve left that part out as it bears absolutely no relevance whatsoever to your question at. all..
    i'd totally smoke in there..  exhast fans are great.  I wouldnt bother with chemically dryer sheets either.. just keep all your smoke close to that fan.   No one'll know.

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