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Smoking in Steam Shower

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bhiz, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I have a steam shower in the crib, and never thought about boofing in it until now. I live with my parents, Do you think the steam would kill out the smell making it boof free?
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    yea but when you smoke, you might sweat it out from the steam.

    before, i smoked a dime to myself and it felt like i only took 1 hit. (no, not shit weed)
  3. yup, it works like magic, i learned that when blazing in a hotel bathroom with friends
  4. shit is this true? does this happen? x.x no wonder y i dont feel high after showers damn!
  5. its bullshit

    same, good times. we smoked out the main room and the alarm didnt go off(i wouldve been paranoid as fuck, but i was too blazed to care), we just put a wet towel over the alarm
  6. haha, yeah, smoking in the bathroom is for when we're actually being careful...otherwise it's just toweling the door and using spray, like anywhere else.
  7. I smoke in the morning in my bathroom. so befopre u get even hit water your free from smell and all that. It's my fav wake and bake scheme. Besides smoking a blunt on a rollercoaster . LOL

    This is what i do:

    *turn on the air vent. My settings let me have it on for a hour. it works very good cause the hot mist air will get sucked uop by it.

    * turn on shower to highest leval of heat (facing not on you of course, i always turn it so it hits not ner me, but i can blow into.) Let it be hot for like 4-5 or later minutes before u start smoking.

    * Put a towel under the door

    * Smoke inside the shower and blow your smoke into the hot water. i always put my finger in teh bowl after each hit so it does not get wasted ans go into the air.

    * After done put your bowl outide of shower (plus lighter, duh)

    * then take your shower, use lots of soaps, your shampoo and w/e

    * Get out and then spray yourself with w/e u use to smell good, spray a few times in the room if needed. brush your teeth and w/e u do in the bathroom.

    You just got away with it :O

    I love it, works for me everyday :)
  8. Wait and your bathroom wont smell at all?!?!?
  9. When i was living with my brother for a while last year I used to smoke in his bathroom everyday. It always seemed a childish and a little taboo but it still got the job done. Peace:smoke:
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    im not 100% sure, but cant you sweat out thc that will sober you up?

  11. Wait I just want to confirm the fact that you guys are saying that it will NOT make your bathroom smell because I dont want to do this and then notice that my bathroom reaks of bud.
  12. I do it all the time and it does make yur bathroom smell but im not the only 1 in my family that does it so it don't matter for me atleast
  13. yes, you're right, we're saying it's SAFE to smoke in your shower or with the shower on. your bathroom will NOT smell.
  14. I have a steam shower to but Ive never tried it. kind of want to now lol.
  15. it kills the smell a lot but still use air freshna.
  16. Me and a couple buddies smoked in a steamed bathroom in a hotel at the beach and it worked
    great. Plus it seemed when we finished and stepped out the bathroom and took a breath of fresh air
    the high would hit you in the face.
  17. As long as you have a window in your bathroom just crack it open and smoke your bowl before you get into the shower close the window and there you go:smoke:
  18. not significant enough of a difference dude...if you're taking a shower you're not really sweating, you're getting clean. i always feel high after i do this. always.
  19. I have a steam room in my crib, i'm sober right now but i've smoked in it hundreds of times, having a mother who works as a counselor at a treatment center i cant risk anything, mine is an air tight room with a bench in it, me and the homeboys go in there cheef it up, turn on the steam and hop out quick, the room contains the smoke and the steam kills it, i go back 15 minutes later and turn the steam off, no smell whatsoever.
  20. Oh nvm I thought you just had the window open to air it out, not to smoke out of it. I smoke out of my room window and noone ever notices, in fact I just finished a fat bowl:smoking:

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