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smoking in silence

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by takemehome, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. does anyone else get a bad vibe when they smoke just alone in a silent room? I need some music or the TV on otherwise I feel like shit about smoking for some reason. I guess the noise makes me feel like there are other people around me, lol. that sounds pathetic as fuck haha
  2. never had that problem but i think its the brainwashing (saying marijuanas bad)from ur childhood bothering u in the back of ur head
  3. i turn my volume up all the way up and put on dubstep, so when i hit my bong i cant hear it bubble haha way to do things!!!
  4. Silence is golden.
  5. Sometimes I'll be playing a video game or something and I'll pause it and have a little session with no sound. Doesn't really bother me
  6. I love the bubbles
  7. I always have my music going when I'm blazing. Makes the sess that much better
  8. its easier for me to zone out with music and a tv goin. otherwise the silence would just start to bug me

  9. u just crack open a fortune cookie?

    hope the food dint have too much salt.

    hahah. but i do love to smoke with music tho.
  10. I like some background music when I'm smoking, but I love the sound of my bong
  11. smoking in silence is the proper way
  12. yes, i just wish more on this planet were better connected with their silent self...unfortunately the world is full of annoying ass chatty kathys who wish to dwindle on small talk...theres words comming out but they arent really saying anything...damn i hate that shit..if your gonna talk discuss something meaningful or insightful...

  13. pshh...its all that needless noise and distraction that bugs can one peacefully ponder the questions of the universe with all that noise pollution floating around...?:smoke:

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