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Smoking in SCHOOL

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fuckstemsdude2, May 20, 2010.

  1. If i was still in my highschool, i would probably walk around the first building top and bottom floor smoking a blunt, on 1 of the lasts days when everyone would be in class

    Start it in the bathroom walk down hallway, upstairs, down that hallway and thenfinish it in a stairway haha
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    Ooh, watch out guys, I think he's serious! Come, everyone, let's all admire OP for what a badass rebel he is. After all, if we tell him not to do something, he's just gonna do it more! Ha! In our fun-hating faces! Stick it, OP! Yeah!

    You lil high school "rebels" are the cutest :rolleyes:

    I did! Come on, kiddo. You think you're cool for smoking weed? And you want to show it off via your retarded "high" antics? I'll let you in on a little secret: you're not cool for smoking weed. Or acting like an imbecile.

    If you're really eighteen I'd say it's high time to grow the fuck up.

  3. :rolleyes:


    Being the only one in a bathroom full of marijuana smoke and you don't think you can get into any shit? Are you serious? If they even think your high they're going to search you and question you.

    That's all it would take for them to seach you and everything you have. Not to mention probably sending you over to a nurse to check if you were high. They would also call the police as soon as possible as well so it would make the situation 2x as bad.

    Don't smoke in school, not a good idea. Look at the countless threads here of people getting caught and totally fucking things up for themselves.
  4. You would have a better time just going straight to jail, holding weed in your hand.
  5. That's how it was with joints and cigs when I went to a continuation high school because there was only a few hundred kids and everyone was a trouble maker or else they wouldn't be there.
  6. smoke b4 an after
    u do it during sku ur fucked
    teachers can spot a stoner
  7. It's pretty risky, I did it at least two or three times every day in high school (sometimes up to six or seven times) and never got caught, but I also had a good deal of luck on my side. If you smoke during school, your teachers will find out eventually. Maybe not the first time, or the second, but one day your going to smell like smoke in class just a little too much. I thought I was real slick and that none of my teachers were the wiser, but looking back I can see that it was pretty obvious. Was really cool that none of my teachers turned me in though.

    Some tips for smoking at school (if you must!):

    *Smoke off campus: walking off campus reduces the risk of being caught more than any other method. Pick a good spot close to the campus (maybe as close as across the street) that's concealed and not frequently visited or traveled through (you don't want people walking through your sesh). Also remember that campus security often knows about popular smoke spots off campus, and may patrol them (they did at my high school). They would also keep a look out for kids leaving campus at inappropriate times (during class, study hall, etc) and follow them to catch them in the act. Make sure nobody sees you go off campus (this was my #1 biggest rule of smoking in HS).
    *Don't smoke blunts/joints: they make you smell WAY more. Seriously, it's a world of difference how many heads turn your way when you walk into class after smoking a blunt than a bowl or two.
    *Smoke quickly: not trying to say you can't take the time to enjoy your sesh, but the longer you take to finish up the greater the chance of being caught. It should never take more than five minutes to break up and pack a bowl, so don't take thirty minutes to blaze a few.
    *Gum, visine, axe: I really never bothered with any of this shit in high school (well, except maybe the gum sometimes) but it's all very easily available and can make the difference between getting busted or not should you have to walk past the assistant principle or something on the way to class.
    *Don't be afraid to stash your shit: I did this often. If you have a funny feeling about something, or think you reek of the reefer too much, or your eyes are too red, or Paco the campus security guy saw you dippin' a cut, you can always stash your weed/pipe/bong/anything in a hidden place for retrieval at lunch/after school. I actually had a friend whom I convinced to do this on a fairly regular basis, and it saved him one day when he was searched and they didn't find his shit. I had a handful of places around the school where I knew I could hide my stuff and nobody would find/steal it.
    *Don't label yourself: a big one that I almost forgot. All the kids who wore pot t-shirts and rasta shit and hemp clothing...whether they knew it or not, they were announcing to everybody that they smoke pot. Campus security, teachers, everybody will be tipped off if you wear a big shirt with Bob Marley smoking a doobie. All clothing like that does is attract attention.

    Well that's my advice. Back in the day, I'd smoke on my walk to school, at morning break, study hall, lunch, afternoon break, right after school, pretty much anytime I could steal five minutes to go smoke a bowl. It got to be a habit, and soon class while high wasn't anything special, it was just the norm. I was soon just as bored sitting in class high as I had been sober. So in the end...I wouldn't recommend smoking during school. It's stupid and pointless when you get down to it, and it's really not where your energy and focus should be going during school time. However, I made smoking at school not only an art form but a science as well, and I think that's why I never got caught.
  8. this seems like the best way to go
  9. For someone with the IQ of the OP I agree this would be smartest.
  10. Don't smoke in school, you will get caught, Period.
  11. whatever you do don't do it in a bathroom with no windows. The fucking retarded freshman did that in my school last week. Fool even tried to get me to burn out with him cause I had to shit and that was the closest bathroom to me.

    Needless to say he got caught, the school admins questioned the fuck outa me too tho. Funny thing was I was rocking a shirt with a pot plant right on it and they didn't even notice (my school has a strict dress code)
  12. Me and friends did this and its risky as hell but was worth it for the memories. We smoked with a bubbler in the auditorium under the stage, you defintly need a "mute" to hide your smoke. You can youtube it and find out how to make a homemade one. Do it during lunch so you have time to chill there and let the smoke leave you. Where a hoodie so you can take it off after so you won't smell also. GL post back if you do it

  13. im extremely high right now and him just throwing that out there made me die. thank you kind sir :wave:
  14. me and my friends would blaze it on the tennis courts at lunch time alot. And sometimes we'd ditch school at lunch and go to a nearby friends and blaze it for hours hahha good times :smoke:
  15. i love getting blazed for school. well i did.. lol i usualy toked before i got on the bus, or before class, most of the time both. ha when sometimes id leave durring lunch and L ride to taco bell or bk and come back to class. fun times
  16. My highschool is pretty chill, noone ever gets busted for smoking or selling. We have a designated smoking area for tobacco on the other side of the bus loop that people go to at lunch and breaks. Everybody always smokes up there people spark joints hit pipes sometimes even use a bong. There is this crazy superviser who's jop is to just watch the smoking area she knows what's up and as long as we aren't blowing it in her face and shit she don't care. She's mostly there for fights and shit.
    Afew of my teachers knew i smoked like my art teacher because I would always go bajed to that class. She proably smoked herself. Also the martial arts teacher isn't shy about his views of legalizing ganja. Alot of teachers are dicks about it though giving the stoners dirty looks and shit.
  17. Blaze up before school or on your lunch break.

    Inside the school? C'mon dude... don't be dumb. :smoke:
  18. It's really not that hard to have a one hitter and some (good) bud, ask to use the bathroom, light up real quick, ghost hit that bitch, and walk in stoned-eyed. but you didn't hear that from me. :wave:
  19. Don't have shit on you..

    and never do in the future

    and your set. I've been caught one too many fuckin' times :(

    other than that, smoke a blunt before classes and just enjoy yourself. yell out funny shit in the classroom :D
  20. shit i smoked hella weedos before school today out of a gravity bong it was badass. Anyway i get to school i got a intense ultra high and then i have to sit and work what the fuck? whats this bitch doin. anyway its long and boring when you do it at school do it after

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