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Smoking In Room Question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokin7, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. I want to smoke out my room tonight.

    Door shut with towel under door
    Both windows in room open
    Small fan in front of one window pointing outward
    I will be right behind the fan and after each hit the fan should suck the excess smoke and blow it out the window, also I will blow my hit into the back of the fan and then the smoke will be blown out the window by the fan.
    Do this until high...then I will hide everything
    Turn on ceiling fan
    Keep windows open and put small fan to blow from opposite side of room by the door.

    Think there will be no smell and ill be good?
  2. listen... dont do it.. just go to your backdoor and smoke through there with a sploof and a fan 
    if you smoke in your room there is a chance they'll smell it. the windows arent as big as a screen door and even if they dont smell it you'll be paranoid about it and thats all you'll be thinking about...
  3. i do it quite often but wouldn't recommend it without a bowl or bong. less smoke. Just make sure its not a windy day with the wind blowing back into your room.... that might get u caught
  4. dude I do that every day and my room is like hella small I don't get caugh at alllll. have like a candle and maybe a wax burner that also helps
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  5. Honestly, there's probably gonna still be at least a little odor thats gonna escape and, in the context of your normally non-weedy house, it'll most likely be very detectable by the other people in the home, especially (obviously) if theyre nearby, like on the same floor. You have to remember that there will still be smoke coming from the end of whatever tool you use (bowl, JOINT) so yeah. You're gonna need another smell, such as a really strong candle, and/or a sploof if you absolutely need to smoke in your room, just to at least mask the strong mj smell. But I'd reallly just recommend grabbing a sploof and stepping outside for a minute if that's an option.
  6. I smoke in my room all the time. Always blow it out the window. When done, I put ceiling fan on with windows open. Clear 30 minutes later normally.
    I burn essential oils on my oil warmer too, but it's not that necessary to cover smell. Just blow it all out the window then air the room out after.
    Should't smell outside your room, and when you wake up it should be more than fine if that's when you're worried your parents would be in your room
    This is not for blunts/jays. Those aren't smoked indoors if you are being stealthy.
  7. Two magic words for you - dryer sheets.
    My buddy and I were smoking the other night at his girlfriend's place and her brother popped in long after we had cleaned up and tried to get rid of the smell, his exact words: "It smells like pure skunk in here."
    We got some dryer sheets, rubbed down around the window (don't know what good that would do but we weren't thinking too clearly hah) and all that, had a ceiling fan on so my friend, and I'll forever think him a genius after this, my friend took some sheets and held them up to the blades so that they were hitting the sheets gently but not ripping them or anything. We did that for about 10-15 minutes and it worked BEAUTIFULLY. We got her brother to come check it out and he couldn't smell any weed, the whole room literally smelled like it came out of the dryer. :) I swear to god, dryer sheets are magical if you need to get rid of a stanky odor.
  8. From the times I have been caught smoking in my room its always been when I had my cieling fan and window open at the same time. I think it might be that the air circulation in my room pushes the smell the wrong way out my door, so now I keep my fan off until about 10 minutes after I'm done smoking and have a candle burning for quite awhile. And I definetely reccomend using a sploof made out of a Gatorade bottle stuffed and wrapped at the end with dryer sheets.
  9. And also make sure there is no excess smoke coming out of your piece.
  10. Fuck those toxic things, no need for dryer sheets.
  11. Keep fan running
    Towels under the door
    Use a piece/one hitter
    Cap your hits with a coin/small towel
    Blow out the window w/ sploof
    Close the vent
    Spray some febreeze 
    Put on music to cover the sound of lighter sparking 
    :ph34r: be stealth  
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  12. I find super stealth to be a hassle and kind of impacts my experience. Not the same as just being able to just smoke no unfettered.
    That being said, I've stealth smoked many times. Smell escapes, trust me. Regardless of what you do lol. With the above mentioned steps though, you should be fine. Just DON'T trust your nose lol. You can't tell how potent of a smell weed has once you start smoking...desensitizes your nose lol.
    Tbh, I would only smoke stealth if you can be caught. If you can't...then you're taking a risk every time.
    Even with all the precautions in the world, I've been told it smelled skunky twice. Hopefully you're in a position where it doesn't matter...good luck.
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