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Discussion in 'General' started by FuneralDiner, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Who else loves smoking in public? I was at a dinner party with my parents, and snuck off and smoked a fatty. Afterwards, the dinner was actually enjoyable.
  2. I know what you mean man, nothing like sneaking off to blaze real quick, always makes things better and you get that satisfaction feeling :).
  3. Yup I'll smoke anywhere I want, IDGAF.
  4. I do, but being careless when doing so is asking to get fucked.
  5. I don't like being high in crowded places like the mall, makes me feel weird. But it's always fun to smoke a fattie at the playgrounds midday.
  6. I really dont care where i do it as long as its a blunt or joint. I take public smoke breaks with my manager and co-workers and while theyre smoking theyre cancer sticks im smokin my blunt.
  7. I use to be like this when I was a teen. Fast forward to now and weed calms me down in crowed places.
  8. I don't feel the need to slip off in public to go have a smoke. I like taking my time, and enjoying it rather than rushing
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    Not to criticise because I enjoy blunts too, but I think it's mildly hypocritical to call theirs cancer sticks when blunt wraps are made from tobacco leaves. You could be doing similar damage depending on the frequency with which you smoke them.

    Also I like walking down the street smoking a joint from time to time. I don't make a habit of it though.
  10. i love it, smoking in a chill spot or house is always nice but smoking in public is the shit. As long as you don't make it sketchy and have nothing else on you and smoke a joint or one hitter, it's not really not too big of a deal.
  11. At the mall in my benz, every door open, windows up, music all the way up, passing a j between me and 3 of my boys.
  12. Joints in public are allways the best. Because you can easily ditch a joint. Then if you get stopped. They have nothing on you ;)
  13. I don't smoke in public because I know people don't like the herb as much. I don't want to be that obnoxious faggot that makes everyone smell something they don't want to.
  14. If only drunkards felt the same level of social obligation...
  15. i love drivin down main street while blasting music and blazing a blunt

    just cruisinnnnnn.... :smoke:
  16. sounds retarded if you ask me
  17. One thing I hate is getting worried that I'll be caught in public, especially if I'm holding. And being high elevates the feeling.
  18. Or you're just not living in the right state.
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    I'm the opposite. I like the rush haha. Pretty lame... I know..
  20. i dont smoke in public. there's no point. you never know when you might have to be clear headed when youre out in public. shit, 3 months ago there was a monster tornado that ripped up most of my city, 189 people died and thousands were injured, and i was high as a kite following the tornado into the city. it killed my high, especially when i started helping get people out of rubble, but still.

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