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    Alright say im walking down the street smoking a joint when all of a sudden a cop sees me smoking it so then i put it in my mouth and eat it.. will i get busted since i dont have anything on me besides the lighter i used to light it?


    This didn't happen, im just wondering if it did happen what would be the consequences.
  2. If you didnt get busted then you won't get busted now.
  3. Worse case scenario:
    The cop gives you a really hard time and checks everywhere for even trace elements of THC. assuming your lighter is clean, as are your pockets and fingers he could then (maybe?) use a mouth swab to test if you are under the influence. Not all areas have implemented this technique yet, it's new. I also do not know the legality of it, who's to say if he had probable cause or not to even test you, or if you'd have a choice. just don't volunteer for anything!!

    In my opinion, If this actually happened, under normal circumstances, nothing would go down except a huge buzzkill and a waste of your, and the cops time.

    Hope that helped!
  4. I don't think a cop could do anything, my friend smokes blunts in the public all the time.
  5. Ha this reminds me of a funny story. Earlier this summer me and my friend, both of us returning from our first year at college, were pretty sketched out about smoking at home. So we would roll joints and say we are taking our dogs for a walk, just as a alibi. Well the first time we did it, it went very smoothly and we were stoked since we thought it was fullproof. But the next time we did it, i swear we made it to the next block and a cop rolls up on us. I saw him turning up ahead towards us, but it didn't really hit me until he got closer.

    So my friend kind of panicked, but i gave him my dog's leash and told him to keep walking as the cop stopped next to us. I threw the joint down on the ground and kinda kicked it into a crack in the sidewalk. But the cop never ended up even leaving the car! It was some off duty chick who lived nearby and heard gunshots so she went to scope it out and asked me if i knew anything about it. Ha i was so relieved i couldn't control myself and just started stuttering until she just left, i picked up the joint and went on my way :smoke:
  6. haha damn thats a close call. did she not see the blunt? or did she let you off?
  7. I think if you have a some what skinny mid-sized joint, its relatively easy to make it look like your smoking a cigaratte.
    And if you have no other sign of marijuana or anything on you, then the cop cant do anything. Cant bust you for drugs that dont exist.
  8. Ha like the guy above me said, it was a skinnier joint and i used my roller so it looked like a cigarette. But she never saw it, i guess it blended well with the concrete. But i don't think she would have said anything about it anyways.
  9. i smoke j's and public and ive smoked blunts in public cops dont really notice lol a j looks like a ciggerette from far away
  10. I walk down my street while smoking joints all the time..however I do my best to disguise it as a cig.
  11. lol yea, i can't smoke at home because my bro smokes almost everyday , i cant even be high around him ... it sucks so me and the usual people walk around and smoke. we have been stopped a few times maybe 4 or 5 . only one time my friend had a dime on him, and the cop was real nasty , but just took the bag and sent us home. other times they just ask if were elevated , we deny it and if they smell the bud they search us we usually have nothing, they tell us to go home. really nothing to worry about.
  12. If you're truly concerned, just hollow out a cigarette - filter and all - and fill it with weed and put a roach in the empty filter. I read how to do it in this 'Roll a Joint Super Dooper Handbook' type of thing.
  13. cops arent bothered with the hassle unless their real pricks. once ur no sellin to children or somethin they shouldnt give a fuck
  14. Now that im in college I regularly smoke joints out in public, heck even bowls. Its stupid and you really shouldent do it but everyday me and my friends joke about what happens when we finally get arrested. Dont smoke outside, and if you do dont use a bowl

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