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Smoking in Public?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by EscoFresco, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. When you cannot smoke at home where do you guys blaze up at? And do you like being high in public, or are you paranoid as most folks are when they blaze up in public?Me when I cannot smoke at home I usually drive around and take a blunt cruise, if its daytime and im low on gas then I go across the street to a library which has a park next to it and toke up their then go read a intresting book. I like being high in public especially the grocery store or casino:) as long as I dont reek of green like after a blunt hotbox session iam never paranoid.
  2. I love smoking outside, walkin trails with a bowl is soo fun. My family is cool with me toking so I don't have to go out but I like to during summer. Luckily I'm pretty chill when I toke so I don't have to worry about snitching on myself lolSent from my cloud of smoke:)
  3. i like going to my local state park high. but ill go almost anywhere high if thats the way mary ganja calls me. ill either smoke before i leave the house or on the way. if im smoking on the way i always smoke joints. easier to get rid of.
  4. I usually just walk my dog, go raid the local shops for food, etc. I really have no problem getting caught, I mean... It's pretty much a game literally everyone takes part of, if you get caught it's all on you. 
  5. I don't get paranoid smoking in public, but I like to carry a dime bag (storage bag) to carry a bowl or little piece in.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Nah, I work at Best Buy so im at the mall all day. Im at the point where im lighting a blunt, joint or my chillum in the side lot. People see but don't give a single fuck. As long as you act like you're doing nothing wrong people will assume you're doing nothing wrong.
  7. I read this as "smoking in pubic"... Let me get back to you
  8. My favorite thing to do is get completely baked and go hiking in one of my national parks during the summer. There are so many cool rock formations and like shelters that have been made from other people. And the lake is sweet. I just sit on a boulder right on the lake with sun beaming down. Such a great feeling. And I don't mind being in public at all. I'm not even paranoid around cops anymore
  9. I go pretty much everywhere high and love it. I smoke outdoors almost exclusively, and I don't care about smelling unless I'm gonna be driving or going back into my dorm. 
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    I go to my friends house, her parents don't really care.
  11. Go out the rail road track, start walking that track and start cheifing. Nice and quiet.
  12. Depends whos around me. Usually I dont care but once in a blue moon Ill start buggin out cause I think they can smell me or something stupid.
  13. im with you on the nature walks. i live in a really forrested area and its so therapeutic to just stroll through nature and observe!
  14. I roll joints and walk around smoking them when im at the bar or club. as long as you pretend its a cigarette - no one cares. atleast in Washington state.
  15. [quote name="chuckymedicali" post="19421941" timestamp="1390918818"]im with you on the nature walks. i live in a really forrested area and its so therapeutic to just stroll through nature and observe![/quote] amen
  16. In my town cannabis is generally tollerated, so smoking outside isn't too sketchy... as long as you don't stay in one public spot for too long.
  17. I do smoke in public, still illegal here though. I feel less monged out if I'm out and about blazing.
  18. I literally take a walk up the street from my house and just watch my surroundings while I am doing it.
  19. I have a nice little one hitter thats painted to look like a cigarette, so I just hop in my car, roll the windows down, and toke.And no, for some reason I never get paranoid when high in public.

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