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Smoking in Parking Lot

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Candildo, May 11, 2011.

  1. Hey so I was hoping for some feedback. Me and my buds used to smoke then drive to Six Flags all the time. Riding the coasters high is INCREDIBLY fun. Anyway, one of us got in a serious accident when driving high a few months ago (he's physically okay) and we all decided its probably not a good idea to drive high. Safe then alcohol, sure, but still stupid.

    So we had this idea that all but one of us would smoke before, like normal, and someone stays sober till we get to the park. Then that one person would smoke a small, quick bowl by himself in the car, and then we'd head out for some good times.

    Is this a safe idea? I would think he'd hotbox the car to contain the smell, then crack the windows open so we can air it out when we leave. That wouldn't smell too much for too long right? I think it is solid, but I'd like some other views before we do it. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Why not just smoke a j or blunt with your buds right outside the park?
  3. Well i wouldn't want to get caught, and i thought smoking in my car wud be the safest place.
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    That's why you would smoke one of those. They are easily disposable when necessary. Plus you wouldn't have a bowl chilling in your car. It also looks less obvious when you puff and pass.

    Edit: Less obvious as in you aren't passing a bowl and lighter.
  5. i smoke high all the time..some people just can't do certain things high. I think you've got a pretty legit idea. I'm sure you can find a parking spot that is secluded or wedged between a few cars
  6. thats how people get caught.

    smoke it really fast leave the windows up the whole time and quickly shut the doors when you get out.

  7. i can smoke high too lol:wave:
  8. If your talkin about the 6 Flags in NJ u should be fine. My friends and i park faraway n smoke as were walking 2 the entrence.
  9. Me too!:smoke:
  10. Or you guys can make some edibles, get to six flags, eat them, then go and plan for like 30 minutes before it kicks in.
  11. haha obviously smoke and type is one thing i cant do
  12. lmao "i smoke high all the time"

    dont think thats what u meant but it had me :D
  13. If you are worried about driving just roll a jay and spark it up with just enough time to finish it before getting to the parking lot. The driver won't be fully high yet while driving for a couple minutes. Even better would be a tincture or edibles to eat on the way...
    Use both of these strategy's together and you will be flying high by the time you get inside the park!
  14. Obligatory mflb recommendation. Virtually no smell, so small, and perfect for those sort of outings. Just don't let it fall out of your pocket on the rides!

    Ahh by the way, that's an awesome idea. I've gotta bring my mflb or some edibles sometime (but severe couch lock could be bad when the ride stops aha)

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